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  1. I’m having the same problem, every time I try to continue my career game that I imported from the ps4 it just keeps crashing. I really don’t have a single idea how to fix this.
  2. Sorry for asking here but there wasn’t any ps5 section in the forums. Is there no option to change it at all like seriously. I’ve checked the settings three or four times already, please tell me if I’m missing something cause everything just seems a little too tiny!
  3. Im with a rocket that has 12 fuel tanks on the sides of it, six large ones, and six smaller ones on top of the large ones. The rocket is orbiting Vall currently, and it needed more fuel to land on it so I sent another ship to dock with it and refuel. Once docked the problem of having to fuel each tank equally popped up. There seems to be nothing that helps with that. All I could do was refuel some tanks, but the other tanks won’t have the same amount of fuel. Which I also think is the reason that causes me to spin uncontrollably whenever I throttle all the way up because of some tanks being heavier than the others thanks to them having more fuel! How am I supposed to do this?
  4. Yeah 18Watt was right, I finally finished this contract. Thanks for the help!
  5. Nope, doesn’t look like theres any additional requirement. And the only timer is when it expires which there is a bunch of time, like 123 years.
  6. I am playing in career mode, and there is a contract called Complete the MunRally. Don’t know if it’s the same for everyone but for me I need to fly by gilly, duna, mun, and eve in one rocket. I first flew by mun, then I was going to fly by eve, then gilly and finally duna. When flying by mun I started to orbit the sun and my only thought was to get to eve from there. Okay so fly by mun is done, check. Put my maneuver up, then messed around with it to get an encounter with eve. I got one and all I had to do was wait. Time warping to make things faster, suddenly fly by mun showed up as uncompleted but how come? I flew by the mun already. This isn’t really a big deal though since I could fly by mun last. But then the same thing happened when fly by gilly and fly by eve was finished, both showed up as uncompleted as soon as I started to orbit the sun and then time warping a bit! Why!?
  7. I’m very interested to hear if anyone got hit by their own space debris while on a mission or just trying to do something in space. It definitely seems impossible but I’m pretty sure its not, although a super low chance it will actually happen but still possible.
  8. Hello hello. So about these things, are they similar in some ways to docking ports? Like can they exchange fuel with another ship once you latch on to one with them? Just curious.
  9. What do you have to do in order to finish the game? Visit all the planets and moons? Discover all the stuff on the science tree in a career game? What would you have to accomplish to be considered the end of the game?
  10. To anyone that came here I actually figured it out. The only problem is that it’s buggy at times and won’t show you properly but there’s a few ways to fix it.
  11. I’m probably not good at explaining this but I’ll try my best. Okay so first, for example let’s say you wanted to attach 4 radial decouplers by using the radial symmetry 4 function on a ship and after putting them on it shows that decoupler/division symbol on your staging along with a little green 4. So basically that would obviously mean all 4 decouplers would decouple in whatever stage they’re in. But how are you suppose to “split” those decouplers in their stage? And what I mean by split is turn that one decoupler symbol with a green 4 on it into 4 symbols with 1,2,3, and 4. I don’t know what this is called and have no idea how to really do it on console. What do I have to do in order to “split” them?
  12. I’ve done it! So yes, there was no docking involved. Instead I just had to get two vessels in orbit of the Mun close together at a decent speed (like 1 km close to each other and at a speed below 50 m/s) and it counted as a rendezvous. Thanks to everyone for helping out!
  13. I got a contract telling me to go on an orbital spacewalk near Mun, and also to rendezvous two vessels in orbit of Mun. The first one was pretty easy and it got finished with no struggle. However the second one was a problem cause I cant tell what it means by rendezvous. Do I have to dock the ships and then return back to Kerbin? Or do I have to go really close to a spaceship that’s in orbit of the Mun?
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