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  1. Above you can see that I said IN FLIGHT, that is because in the tracking station the icons work perfectly fine, but in flight, all hell breaks loose (on the map) I have had the weird orbital lines flickering bug for a couple years now and I can deal with it, but the map icons shaking just doesn't sit right with me, and I need to fix them. Mods I have Galaxies Unbound (Fire Expansion, Nova Kerbani, Epsilon Eridani) Event Horizon Distant Object Enhancements Scatterer (Scatterer Sunflare) Interstellar Extended TweakScale I have around another 20 mods but they are minor ones I know are not the cause of the icons shaking.
  2. I am glad to see an animation that has a longer time on the way! I also have a suggestion for an animation. The kerbals from "staging" go on a mission to Moho, the animation starts out with them burning for moho in L.K.O. dramatic music plays or something and then it cuts to them landind on moho. You can honestly do whatever here, All I suggest is a kerbal looking at the sun being proud, then freaking out cause his Eyes got burned. Honestly this is COMPLETELY up to you but.... Is it possible I could help with the storyboarding? I wouldn't say make the whole thing but I could just throw in a few ideas to help. Like I said, Up to. (I really don't need any money or stuff like that, Just want to help and be a part of this stuff!) (Discord : MultiCatRain#1969)
  3. yeah sorry but it doesn't really work on fps, whenever I look at the clouds my game just dies, I think its the clouds. How to I decrease the resolution for all clouds? or just how do I increase my fps when I look at clouds, I really want to keep the clouds!
  4. its just the clouds I am pretty sure, When I just look at the ground my fps is fine, All I need to know is how to have the clouds at a low enough RES for my pc to handle.
  5. Read the title, it's very important. But seriously, how do I do that. I want to make it so it stays the same fps under any height and the cloud resolution ALWAYS stays the same out of atmosphere. I have Eve/Scatterer/ScatterSunflare
  6. idk, honestly the game has this bug really often.
  7. I have been trying to fix this problem for about a month now. For some reason ksp keeps resetting my resolution (1280x720) back to 1920x1280. I have it low because of fps problems. I have tried changing Ksp compatibility DPI to system, system enhanced, Neither of them work. Have an idea to fix this? Other people have had this issue before too, And yes, I have reinstalled ksp. HELP ME
  8. Honestly none of these things seem to work for me... Something is off when it comes to modded ksp
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