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  1. I tried CKAN. The program leaves a lot to be desired. Now I know nothing about programing, but if CKAN is supposed to safely install compatible mods in the version of KSP you have, you would think that it wouldn't install mods that cause errors and crashes. I have done better through trial and error. 9 errors on startup after using CKAN. LOL I think anyone thinking of using it should try just self installing. It took me 7 hours to install mods and updates to mods. CKAN just kept failing. "CKAN found xxxx.dll in the wrong directory. Installation failed." Yet the xxxx.dll was downloaded and installed by CKAN, LOL. Apparently CKAN is either throwing files in willy nilly and unable to do what it promises, or doesn't know how to read a "read me" file that tells the person installing where to install and what dependencies it needs work. And my personal favorite listed compatible mods that were not compatible with each otheror the version of KSP that was being run. The developers need to go back to the drawing board. Just my opinion, take it or leave it.
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