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  1. Thanks, I believe withe the sand-force it is a part that can fail but the samsung hasn't got that part.

    So, my parents have posed me with this question "What happens if you put it all together and it doesn't work?". They say I cant sell my laptop atm because of that issue. I have 1 small solution is to get my neighbourhood tech guy to build it for me for a small fee. Any other suggestions?

  2. So, Im here for some advice on building a custom pc for gaming games such as GTA V when it comes out on pc.

    My Budget is about £1000 and with this I need to buy windows 7, the parts, keyboard, monitor and a mouse.

    As you could of guess I am English and I don't mind buying across borders as long as it doesn't cost a fortune.

    With my pc I would like to have 1 500GB SSD and 1 1TB HDD. I also don't mind my pc being mildly loud. I would like to invest money into my pc and then let it rest but it would be nice for me to have the option to upgrade it.

  3. I doubt the Rasp Pi could handle the streaming. I have one, and it's not the most powerful processor, though it's a neat little gadget to play around with. I'm planning on making it a portable pi as soon as I get a prtable display and a mini keyboard.

    Huh, neat made a thread about raspberry pis: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/50707-Raspberry-Pi?p=661921#post661921

    I wonder what new games will be realised and i found a realaese date about early 2014.

  4. Or you could use a $1 cable from a Laptop's HDMI port to a TV's HDMI port :P

    I am more interested in, is the word "Linux", combined with the word "2.500 games of Steam", because I am not actually very sure how that is possible.

    On the other hand, if that means that SteamOS, will include some sort of properly developed and supported library emulating whatsamathingy, like wine then that is a more significant announcement than people realize.

    It doesn't emulate it streams your games from your pc to your steams over LAN.

    So, you could have SteamOS could be on a Raspberry Pi and you could stream GTA 4 to it.

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