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  1. I tried to put an Ekranoplan into orbit(with infinite fuel). Turns out it's not that difficult you just have to spend 25\30 minutes holding down s because auto sas can't hold the nose up. And wow putting class g comets into lko isn't easy at all (thanks @Nerteafor FFP) but if u like to launch spaceplanes the views are so worth it Oh sorry for the ui but I'm on Mac and f2 is a system shortcut to view all open tabs so I'm still trying to figure out how to hide it
  2. Turns out Putting g class comets into Kerbin orbit is absolutely worth the effort especially if you like to launch spaceplanes. Sorry for the ui but I'm an Mac and f2 does stuff instead of hiding the ui (and yes I was trying to put an ekranoplan into orbit, turns out is hard as hell and for now I've been able to do it only with infinite fuel but I'm working on it)
  3. Thanks I discovered you can also modify it directly from ModuleManager.ConfigCache or from the save file if u already entered physics range
  4. Thanks a lot.So essentially there are two ways to do this: The first method is applicable if u have already entered in the asteroid's physics range(2.5km) or you are docked to it: in your savefile by searching your asteroid's name you will find a ModuleAsteroid and under it CurrentState. this needs to be set to 2 if you want your asteroid to be a magic boulder. Example: MODULE { name = ModuleAsteroid isEnabled = True seed = -36783451 AsteroidName = Ast. KJH-264 prefabBaseURL = Procedural/PA_E currentState = 1 stagingEnabled = True The second method will change the probability that a new asteroid is a magic boulder. inside your game data folder there is a file calledModuleManager.ConfigCache. inside this file you can search ModuleAsteroid and under it you will see SecondaryRate. This value is the probability that a new asteroid is a Magic Boulder(0 is 0%, 1 is 100%) Example name = ModuleAsteroid density = 0.03 secondaryRate = 0.05 Hope this will be useful
  5. Hi, i was curious if there was a way; by save file editing, to make an asteroid a magic boulder or at least to increase the probability that new asteroids become magic boulders. Thanks
  6. I think they would be a little too sci-fi(I know they are theoretically possible but we are speaking extremely distant future) to have in the stock game
  7. Hi, I'm pretty new to ksp, could you explain in more detail how to change the probability of an asteroid becoming a magic boulder please?
  8. Hi I just came across a pretty old video of a mod that included an Orion drive and a medusa drive from @RoverDude but the page doesn't exist anymore and I can't find it anywhere else. Was the mod abandoned and, if so, is it still possible to find older versions? thx
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