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  1. @Vanamonde Actually, I did, or, at least, there is one on the folder, but that one has a pitch controller and I want to understand how it works before using. @Echo__3 thank you very much, It's exactly what I though , but as I place the blades, seems that it is always "backwards". I mean, the leading edge is pointing back instead of front. So, I'll rotate the blades after placing them.
  2. Hello guys. I'm trying to understand the working logic of propellers and turboshafts. I've watched some YouTube tutorials and read some posts by even so my experience with propellers is noto good by a long shot. Even following tips my props doesn't seem to work right. I'm not even trying to use variable pitch yet, but I'm having a hard time. First, the basics: when I place a propeller blade, do need to do something, like rotating it, in order to it works? My impression is that when you place the blades, it are mounted facing the wrong direction. With the blade retracted, in which direction the leading edge must be pointing? Straight forward? Is there a deploy angle where the torque is max out? Even using all engine power, a simple plane struggles to lift off and stay in the air. What is the purpose of authority limiter? I've read that CCW propellers must use inverse direction in order to positive pitch results in forward motion. I've tried so much combinations that I'm not sure what works and what doesn't.
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