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  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me how do i get Real Solar System in KSP 1.12? I freaking have all the files. I have Kopernicus too. WHERE DO I PUT THE FILES? JUST DAMN TELL ME, I INSTALLED ALL THE FILES FROM HERE help me please
  2. make a kerbal launching device and send it to minmus. From there make sure the kerbal can land on kerbin. Make sure he's joined to a heat shield unless you want him to die.
  3. For some reason, My game breaks when i dock and so i have to quick save 5 secs after docking. Any solutions? I learned to dock, thanks the to wonderful people in this forum, But i dont know if this is a game problem or my own problem. but my game breaks when i dock and so i have to quick save 5 secs after docking.
  4. So, if i want to have an almost perfect maneuver node burn, I have to start half my burn before the maneuver node, and half of it AFTER? like for example: 1 minute 40 secs burn means i have to slice that in half (50 seconds) and then start my burn at T - 50 seconds and end my burn at T- 50 seconds. I dont know if it works, since im posting it at the end of my play-time, so i'll try it tommarow. But if it works, Thanks!
  5. I know, but when do i decide to execute my burn? is there a fixed time like 40 seconds or it depends on the time you need to burn? (Example: Burn time: 1 minute 40 seconds. So i start my burn at 1 minute 40 seconds. Does that ensure my maneuver node is ALMOST perfect?)
  6. Maneuver nodes are crazy. I want to know WHEN to start my burn because i start it 40 secs before. It does not matter on planets but it matters when docking. My version is 1.12 if that helps. My maneuver node says ill be near it 0.2KM seperated, but for some reason when i execute the burn, its either a huge number like 3 KM or it does not even show the intersects. I dont really care about this while going on interplanetary missions, but it would be helpful to know.
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