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  1. Okay, figured out my problem. I hadn't put the ModularFlightIntegrator Folder into GameData. Now it works! Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for checking! I'm wondering if EVE+Bolderco could be causing the problem? I also could not find any good installation instructions for Kopernicus so i just dropped it into GameData like for most other mods. So that could be the issue as well?
  3. Opm is the planet pack. Kopernicus version is the most recent one. And ksp version is 1.12.3. Thanks!
  4. Hi. first attempt at submitting a bug report so pls bear with us! Every time we try to use Kopernicus with a planet pack, we receive the below error message. Saved files will not load. The KSP.log it says to send is ~41mb so we uploaded it to wetransfer along with the .configcache file and the Logs/Kopernicus folder https://we.tl/t-43Dmp38YdX If anyone can help or advise, we'd greatly appreciate it. Ty
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