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  1. This reminds me of the blimp plugin by VictorLudorum. I have used this plugin to mod parts into being blimp parts, but when floating you tend to oscillate around the altitude of a given gas level, and never really reach that level. This makes it really hard to use the plugin to have floating platforms that people can EVA out onto and expect to maintain any control when not holding a ladder. If you were able to make deployable gas-filled balloons it would be totally awesome, though it may be hard to come down once the balloons are deployed if you don't have a landing engine or some way to release gas as this plugin does. Just my thoughts on this type of plugin. I think that there is alot of potential, but there are some big issues: 1. Cannot maintain blimping when at warp or when switched to distant vessel - thus it is impossible to have huge multi-ship floating colonies as everything will crash into the surface. 2. Oscillation about an altitude as mentioned above. Perhaps this is intrinsic to the unity engine but it would be nice if the gas balloons could be stable enough to allow floating platforms to be walked on. I hope this helps!
  2. I would like to see a planet/body like in the novel the integral trees by Larry Niven. Basically would be like giant floating trees with gravitational pulls (actually tidal forces) pulling on the ends. The trees are shaped like the integral symbol, and have tufts at the very ends. Another take on this idea would also be interesting, but I thought I would throw this out there.
  3. HI! The point of this challenge is to make flying or floating craft that are able to cruise through the atmosphere on the new planets, including JOOL. You can integrate any other challenges into this if you want, basically the idea is to accomplish cool things such as efficiently gliding craft and possibly something that can exist in Jool's atmoshpere. This makes the rules pretty simple. Rules: Maintain a static elevation while traveling in orbit or in the air above the surface of a planet or celestial body. i.e. maintain a vertical velocity of no more than (and preferably less than) +/- 5 m/s for atleast a minute while maintaining momentum in the forward direction. I still need to try the gasbag mod with Jool, but here is an example of a probe I made that is cruising gently on the SUPER thick atmosphere of Eve at 10 m/s while dropping at a rate of less than 1 m/s
  4. Probey goes to Vall! Also if you EVA before landing on JOOL your guys get chewed up in the clouds. Excitement!
  5. I let loose some probes in orbit once i got into JOOL territory, and then landed with the rolling base on laythe and one of the probes on Vall. There are 3 more probes in orbit in there, but this is looking pretty sweet.
  6. Excalibur, your post is pretty cool, I especially like the pic of the craft screaming across a glacier. I need to stop settling for the terrain around KSC and try out some polar caps. Although, without the bumps you miss all the big air that you get when approaching topspeed. That\'s kind of a shame, it\'s fun to nervously watch your rover land and soak up the impact of big air . I look forward to seeing your next creation, this means I\'ll have to make a legit leaderboard .
  7. I invite anyone to try and build a robotic walker using any part and mechanical servos. Rules: Any part is allowed, modded or unmodded, and you will need the plugin at The resulting vehicle must be able to travel on land solely via mechanical legs BONUS: create a walker that can travel up to 5 m/s or beyond I have attached a screenshot of my walker which currently does not walk very coordinated or far, but can stand up if it falls upside down, and there is one walker (mentioned below) which moves purely using the rotational servos at the forum page posted above. I would be very interested in seeing someone create a walker which can get a topspeed of 5 m/s over land. 1. deadshot462 for his rotational walker mentioned above, video can be found at topspeed=<0.5 m/s
  8. Wow, 200 each? that\'s smokin... I only had 150 total thruster power on mine and I\'m only ~30 m/s less. Thanks for the mod suggestions, I will look them up.
  9. Very nice alex! Can I ask what the dialog windows about servo control and engines/turbines are? That looks interesting
  10. Wow, that\'s fast for just the cart and no RCS or thrusters. How long did you have to build up speed to reach that? For the one in the image I posted I used 3 liquid engines of 50 power each (i think) and RCS thrusters.
  11. Also I updated the rules in the op post for witeken and others too dull to realize the point of the challenge
  12. It\'s not a hard speed limit, that\'s the point. If I was able to get up to 250 on a stock cart then you need to try a little harder. There\'s no point in participating in a challenge if you are going to cheat to do so. Modding a part to get the result is the lazy cheat way out of completing a challenge, and all of your pointless posts could have been avoided if you had read the rules in the first post. Still, I look forward to seeing what you can come up with with unaltered parts.