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  1. Fml...... I hope you are wrong, damn i could ask faster, i spent 2 days trying to figure it out... But maybe with next release, changes with unity 5, rebuilds what they want to rebuild it will be available... Back in days custom particles for engines were impossible...
  2. I'm getting back to KSP and modding, and i would like to release my solar wings, but i encountered an issue... Everything is working fine, model is exported, mesh is fine, and it is working solar panel... on one side. Yes, as i know every solar panel has its own "raycastTransform", also i have 2, each for each side of model. MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel sunTracking = false raycastTransformName = Suncatcher1 pivotName = Suncatcher1 isBreakable = false resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 0.60 } MODULE { name = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel sunTracking = false raycastTransformName = Suncatcher2 pivotName = Suncatcher2 isBreakable = false resourceName = ElectricCharge chargeRate = 0.60 } Problem is both are facing same direction (i think), that's why when i turn over vehicle, wing will not produce energy. I can't flip vector of second object used as raycastTransform. I am missing something rly stupid related to rotation / scale in Blender / Unity. While setting node_attach etc you can just instead of 1.0 type -1.0 and you are DONE, then here I was trying rotating, scaling to -1, rotating one from 2 panels and exporting from blender to rotate it again in unity. Gosh Im missing something simple. Give your ideas, while i will be more "experimenting", maybe i will encounter solution somehow...
  3. Still haven't decide about size of those Solar Wings, and as i have ready template, maybe i will create one more shape... IF you guys will want it. After those wings, Batteries and hard part - Engines. But i can make it
  4. Ok i promised you a screenshot. So... those are Solar Wings i've been working on recently. Textures are 70-80% done, so still there will be improvements in that. But anyway Solar Wings will make your designs look awesome. Wings with a small ability to gather up energy like solar panels What do you think?
  5. Ok guys, main post changed, I added Development Monitor, so you can track my actual progress, or non of it... ^^ Cargo parts you saw earlier, but to remind you: Those are two parts, long one, and short (endings) so you would be able to customize your design as you want. Tomorrow more pics, will show you something rly cool ^^ back to work...
  6. I know Andrew, thats why i already changed SpacePort to dropbox for this release, next, updated release will go on Curse website
  7. Yes I am back, i never left for good my mod. Just was, and still am busy with other stuff. But fortunate i was working secretly and in quiet on some parts... Right now I know couple of things: 1. Kerbal Space Port is going down, so I know I have to and I will upload new release on Curse 2. I am a little bit behind with some cool stuff, like Exhaust FX ( yes I am working on that), and Tech-tree, so I know that soon I will ask for like 2-3 guys who will test my new stuff, and help me with balancing and implementing them on tech tree since i lost feeling of game, and they would know better in that case 3. I know that you think right now, that i created like 100 parts, but unfortunatly no... However I will try to focus more on standard parts to just fill up my mod, like solar panels, batteries. Working on Vtol engines takes ages, other parts are just model and texture, bam-ready. 4. I know that if i rly focus, maybe i will release all around 2nd 3rd July. 5. Final thing... I know that my mod had too long name. Ion Hybrid Electric Pack. Jesus. But yes, HAD. From now, please welcome: Future Kerbal Space Program, Future KSP, or even shorter F-KSP Since inside of mod, there are only futuristic looking parts, why not Future KSP What do you think?
  8. Still working on it. In release im preparing you will get those Vtol engines, another Vtol engines, but smaller without legs, cargo structs, and something extra that i was creating for a long time. Technicaly it is easy, however making that part beautiful is just pain in the ass ;D But no worries! I didn't abandoned you.
  9. Hi everyone, its been a while ^^ Good news - propably i will have next week free, so i would have some time to work and finish next release. There is much to do, to be honest, however i will do my best.
  10. Next release will contain new solar panels, with many different sizes and shapes, hybrid engines changes, and all will be in tech tree.