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  1. In career mode you have a cost constraint to optimize for. I have noticed that certain rocket sizes are much cheaper then other ones. Using the Kerbal Optimal Rocket Size calculator,assuming a 10t payload and assuming it's correct, you would get values along these lines: Total dV Total Cost Cost Next dV 9000 248630 / 8000 161570 87060 7000 88400 73170 6000 53160 35240 5000 30800 22360 4500 24470 6330 4000 21080 3390 3000 11200 9880 2000 7575 3625 As you can see from this, not very scientific, table the cost from going from 7000 dV to 8000 dV is much greater then going from, say, 5000 dV to 6000 dV. There is that strange anomaly around 3000 dV. There appear to be a brake-point somewhere when it becomes more cost effective to launch multiple rockets, for example a main one and a refuel one, then to launch just one single rocket. This also appears to get much worse the heavier the payload. That is why I have been thinking about how a mining base on Minmus is a real gateway to the heavens. Allowing you to launch much smaller rockets because you can split the dV need for the mission and the initial to orbit and out of Kerbin's SOI.
  2. I am in LKO with a craft that has 3461 dV. I want to get this craft to orbit Eeloo. Acroding to the dV map I should be able to do it with 950+1140 = 2090 dV. Right? The only thing I see that can be wrong is the transfer window. More accurately it's a "bad" transfer window as someone said. If I use the alexmoon calc it says that there is a window in y9d59 starting from my y7d41 and that the whole ordeal will cost 3657 dV. Still a far cry from the 2090 dV. Even worst case plane change scenario is only 3840 dV. I'm confused.
  3. I think I figured it out. It's because I'm not meeting Eeloo at my AP. So the craft has time to speed up. But I don't see know if it's possible. To meet Eeloo on a plane node and for that to be a transfer window AND for the encounter to happen on my AP.
  4. Like I said, my transfer burn meets Eeloo on the plane node is almost perfect. Just a little shy of the dV map value. What I'm having a problem with is my capture burn being too expensive for no reason I can tell.
  5. I am doing an Eeloo mission. I plan the whole thing using the most popular dV map. I plan the transfer burn, from LKO of 80km, so that my intercept happens on the plane nodes as well. I MJ it and fiddle around and manage to get a 10km encounter with a cost of 2127m/s. This is all good. However I check to see what my capture burn will be. According to the dV map the burn should be around 1370. Instead for me it's 2713! How is this possible? I will now have to go to Dres like a loser...
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