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  1. Ok so im planning on making a minmus base and i want to use a mass driver to transport recently fueled ships into Interplanetary space. I need the Strongest Liquid fuel engine for the driver. I need something with the most efficiency to launch a payload up to 200lbs. This mass driver will be used to establish other bases.
  2. I'm just wondering if the Enhanced edition complete the one for like 60 dollars if I remember is it on 1.12?
  3. Idk thought it would be cool for a different species to exist in the new systems idm thought this would have been a cool idea
  4. Wait i gotta edit this if its already been done
  5. Land on every Planet/Moon including jool at -249m with a satalite in orbit around Jool,Duna,Moho and return to kerbin safely
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