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  1. Hello! As I've became a bit more experienced at the game and the tool, I was wondering about how you made your ship look at KSC using kOS.
  2. I mean I knew I would need course correction but you'd think in a game with physics that can be semi predicted it could be a lot more accurate. Still it's fine, doesn't help I'm also new to the game.
  3. Sadly no. I tried to play around more with the LVD and the time but at least this time it sent me pretty close to Eve, but just on the edge of it's SOI, not how it predicted on the program.
  4. Sorry for keeping on bothering you but it still is making me fly away from Eve even after letting it sit until the 15th iteration. Now after moving the UT time forward backwards a bit it still doesn't come into Eve's SOI. I can provide screenshots if needed. Sorry I'm just really stupid.
  5. Hello, I've ran the optimization for a bit, and now I don't know what do with it, I don't see any way I could import any maneuver into KSP.
  6. I've played around with the UT time for a bit and now it's a bit better but still waaaaay off. Images: https://imgur.com/a/ntqny50, what it thinks will happen vs the closest what I got to that image: https://imgur.com/a/UFW4qvr
  7. Yes, I have the exact orbit it is in KSP in the program, yes I input the UT as it said in UT not periapsis. Here's the 2 screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/V6UQD71 and here's in game, https://imgur.com/a/92QAVYI. Sorry, couldn't figure out how to post images on here Edit: In the maneuver uploader I am uploading both of the maneuvers but it doesn't matter if the first one send you to the void.
  8. Hello! I've been using this program for the past couple of hours and currently I am trying to do a fly by Eve and go to Duna from it, the maneuver shows fine in the program but when using the upload maneuver to KSP it just decides to send me out to perfectly orbit the sun away from Eve and Duna. Any help?
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