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  1. The Spacebar (The Giver, Kerbal version)
  2. Krimmiel: Kjekkel Kavarican: Kekel Kplathidan: Kaikel Kerbal linguistics
  3. Hello fellow Kerbals.... I would just like to ask the question "How many fingers do Kerbals have," assuming that they always wear mittens/gloves in most pictures, except for Wernher von Kerman, who has visibly 4 fingers, 3 and a thumb... thus they probably count in Octo. (Base 8) There will be a poll later of numbers, and you can also put some suggestion in this thread. The purpose of this is for my conlang Kerbal languages in the IKLC, the International Kerbal Language Committee (started my wptheenah) How do you close the poll? Seems like 4+4 is winning? Assuming that Kerbals have 8 fingers:
  4. "May the force b-," -Lovekraaft Kerman
  5. Banned because you returnedÉ
  6. To Holo: Yup, you can check the grammar page in Kavarican. I'm a bit busy right now in school (a bit...) and I will be really active this Christmas break. Expect me posting everyday. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/21753-The-IKLC-%28International-Kerbin-Language-Comittee%29?highlight=kavarican http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/23646-IKLC-Dictionary?highlight=kavarican To Sirine: Heard of that "mysterieux" book many times... and this language is not on the game. This is our made-up language. I can also do some calligraphy... and art. I love calligraphy! Kavarican: Kahe r
  7. Delta-v are the science you're getting from your experiments.
  8. Banned for living in the forest of eternal mystery, and reverse exorcism.
  9. False, I don't know a "Me" containing that. The user below me is online when he/she posted that.
  10. Granted, but time warp was implemented, and it messed up the whole game. I wish I can stop posting consecutively
  11. should we need to evacuated, press altf4
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