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  1. Stock parts are good only for Stock Solar System cause they are perfectly balanced for worst aerodynamics and worst planetary rescale. RSS makes it more real life size version, therefore the radius of RSS Kerbin (now Earth) is ~6000 km instead of 600 km which is puny. I know stock parts don't work well in RSS, as I notice some of you go easy on RSS solar system with realism overhaul, but I don't care about realism overhaul packs. Stock parts can be pushed to the limit, if I used it correctly. Remember that crossfeed staging can be used except in a different ways, due to aerodynamics (I need ae
  2. Thanks for showing us how to make that RSS 6.4x work in KSP 0.90. Modders suck at keeping the mod version compatible with the current version of KSP yet you come up with simple and effective solutions. I'll give your solutions a test.
  3. What does power response in KW rocketry means and what does it do? I noticed something interesting about that addon.
  4. It doesn't matter, you just have to adjust ejection time, even modify launch windows to make up for low TWR. Is there a reason to have additional TWR by sacrificing efficiency just to get it done? Wait a second, THIS THREAD is old!!!!! Oh, mother of Christ, why do I end up in grandpa thread?
  5. Oh man, this thread is getting old. I don't see anything new about this thread, so someone close this thread.
  6. Finally, a new thread with freedom to discuss everything about gameplay in KSP. Thank you, Overfloater! Are you going to use KSP 0.25? Everyone's using KSP 0.25, including Scott Manley.
  7. Is that what makes it slightly different from eve, I mean for eve landing was easy, getting to orbit was hard, but for Tylo, landing was hard without atmosphere, but easy to get to orbit because of no atmosphere? Perhaps when I about to talk about Moho, think again. Orbital insertion after entering SOI was incredibly hard due to fact that it requires the most delta v but landing and takeoff was easy.
  8. I resort to that staging technique only when huge amount of delta v is required. For instance, Tylo and eve are the hard to fly planet and moon cause of high delta v requirement. Another advantage to that is it increases twr and efficiency progressively while keeping aerodynamic profile low, meaning the upper stage engine and lower stage engine are both active at the same time, only the lower stage feeds the upper stage(in other word, the upper stage engine is consuming fuel from lower stage while the lower stage engine is active).
  9. I use mechjeb for read outs only, not autopilot, or any kind of assist. It can also provide any prediction, and delta v statistics. I never used mechjeb after 0.18 until I realized the lack of prediction that the game should have in the future.
  10. If some newbies are new to game and don't know everything, please do not close this thread. Instead, keep this open to newbies, because nobody knows everything and nobody's perfect.
  11. I have no idea why they set the conic draw mode to 3 but when it comes to planetary transfers, I usually set it to conic patch limit of 5 and draw mode of 0. Conic draw mode 0 helps a lot since I can predict the future orbit within planet's SOI without losing accuracy, and also help in planning gravity assist. I tried performing gravity assist with default conic patch setting but I failed miserably and cost me a lot of fuel to perform course correction, in addition to that, it doesn't help with gravity assist either.
  12. For me, no, because asparagus staging has less aerodynamic advantage with aerodynamic plugin.
  13. This thread is really getting old since someone introduced that concept of thrust plate, however, I never convince anyone to close this thread for the sake of newbies. I'm still using that concept even when using tank and engine of 3 meter size, however, I have aerodynamic plugin named neophyte(basically works like ferram), so it will not work well under realistic aerodynamics without aerodynamic parts. Thrust plates aren't streamlined as well so I avoid that without adding aerodynamic parts or making it streamline.
  14. Nice explanation, but how did you find the point when eve is at the right phase angle to Moho when departing from kerbin? I still can't figure it out, so can you write an equation for that? Btw I'm good at algebra now, and learned about launch window planner. EDIT: Does this require calculus?
  15. Please help, I'm using windows 7 64-bit computer, so I don't think Windows 32-bit 2013a MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) will work. Can you change the KSPTOT so that it runs on MATLAB MCR 64 bit?
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