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  1. I have it all set up already, so I'm a go for it. Let's hope nothing unexpected emerges!
  2. Uploading now a 1GB file to the folder. It will be done in a couple minutes
  3. There are some here that are hilarious! Now here some of my own
  4. As of now, we are doing Kerbin, but we will later do the Mun and Minmus, so it shouldn't be bad to leave a satellite going so you don't have to launch another one later. And no, you don't need to leave KSP running forever; just make sure that you don't end the flight when you leave, just go to the space center.
  5. PHoenix, what size do you want the raw file I send you to be? I am at 400MB, but if you want more, I can easily get to 1GB in a couple days
  6. That's right, I knew it was something about one of Earth's longitudes.
  7. Wasn't Hades the god of the Avernus? Or am I just confused here?
  8. This is just a coincidence, the meter wasn't designed after that length. It is that, somehow, it happened to be the same. I think the meter is (or was) defined by the circumference of Earth divided by something i think.
  9. This reminded me of a video I saw a couple months ago on youtube. I get you the link. It is about electromagnetism on the ISS, which make droplets of water orbit around a knitting needle charged with stating electricity, and since electricity and magnetism derive from the same force, i guess it also applies
  10. I personally think metric isn't that bad. There's an easy rule of thumb for measuring meters. A meter is the distance from your fingertips of one hand to the shoulder of the other arm. I also like the imperial, but I think it is a bit outdated
  11. Granted, but you cut your hand trying to get into the container I wish I had a good wish to wish
  12. Speaking of volcanoes, why not call it Avernus? Olympus-Avernus makes a bit more sense than Olympus-Hades
  13. Granted, but your bulldog becomes an astronaut , subsequently destroying your lifetime dream. I wish I could eat cookies without actually eating them.
  14. Phoenix, I'll upload whatever you ask me to. I can intensively record any plate's height. As of now, I have 2 GB of raw data from five different objects, including a 566MB one of Duna. If you need any other body, tell me which one to start with. I'll be mapping Kerbin until I hear from you. Also, I think this is a great way to do what the KGSS is supposed to do.
  15. A tip? Understand the concept of ascending and descending nodes, and adjust your inclination from those points.
  16. I mean, I know there wouldn't be a shockwave, and since there's no air, and how would the heat dissipate? Just by radiation?
  17. @Martonaut You can go to the settings.cfg in the KSP_win folder and go to patched conics and increase the number there to have more than just two. And, man that's a slingshot!
  18. Now im Interested in this! How would a nuke behave without an atmosphere? I don't think it would create a mushroom cloud would it? And in low gravity?
  19. I'm hoping for a system that lets you actually decide the volume of the tanks by a sliding draggy bar thingy or something, instead of stacking a ton of tanks one under the other. Also, this would help to get the exact amount of fuel you need. Why should you have more fuel than what you're gonna need?
  20. OH, right, i forgot to put it in the public folder in dropbox, my bad. Editing now.
  21. Map of Eve 5000x2500 out of a single file of 460MB: (Right click -> Open image in a new tab to see it full size) Just a quick question, is anyone mapping the planets for the KGSS? I know the they did this for Kerbin, Mun and Minmus, but it seems like they're not really interested in the new planets
  22. If this "takes off", I will be definitely watching, and (maybe) streaming myself. You have all my support!
  23. Has anyone checked Duna's south pole? It looks like there's a line connecting the little mountain and the south pole of the red sphere.
  24. Long way since i started in .13! It's growing up so fast, it's like seeing a baby grow. I remember not even having Minmus, and getting to the Mun was a pain without the patched conics!
  25. @spl1nt The drawn line is elliptical, but the position of the planet must be on one of the foci, meaning it should be on one of the sides, not exactly on the middle. As Kepler said, "The orbit of every planet is an ellipse with the Sun at one of the two foci." In this case, planet means ship, and sun whatever it is orbiting.
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