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  1. Always take screenshots on the bright side of a planet, most of those pics are too dark to see anything.
  2. Updated the OP with a video of the Mk2 (Imgur has more images too). Figured it's better to edit than repost.
  3. What's in the front? If it's empty you could potentially have an SRB missile loaded in there.
  4. Been playing around with VTOL's as of late, found that single engines don't give quite enough lift so I moved onto a dual engine design and this is the result. .Edit: Added a Mk2 version to the Imgur album. Lifted the wings, added a bay for the landing gear, and added two missiles
  5. I'm getting the same problem when using my joystick, the only way I've found to 'fix' it is to either change settings every launch or just not use the flight stick. Kinda sucks but hopefully Squad fix it in the next patch.
  6. Hope it gets done soon, resources are really making me miss being able to place pipes.
  7. KSP settings are resetting to default when I relaunch KSP. I posted a thread saying this earlier today but incorrectly thought it was fixed (I relaunched KSP and settings had been saved) but it appears to have happened again. I'm using the steam version of KSP and think it might have something to do with assigning axis inputs with a joystick (this reddit post suggests the same thing: http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/342w0j/10_bug_settings_reverting_each_time_the_game_loads/cqrbhga ).
  8. When I change user settings (graphics options, input options etc) and close the game they will be reset when I relaunch KSP. The saving of the settings works as I've looked at the settings.cfg in the KSP install folder but it's reset to default when KSP opens. I'm playing on the steam version of KSP if that helps. Edit: Removing the settings.cfg and then verifying the game seems to have fixed it
  9. I've made a shuttle that can fly in atmo and reach orbit but the large wing strakes just don't survive the return trip which buggers the shuttles lift, making it nosedive. Any ideas on how to stop the strakes burning up or should I try using other parts that'll give a higher temp resist?
  10. Better landing gear for planes, it's the only part that hasn't been upgraded yet. A ramp for the MK3 parts would be nice, as would better aerodynamics.
  11. I tried activating a radial decoupler with all the needs met with the action key (I assigned it to 1), but didn't complete the contract. Not sure if this is intended since it does say you need to stage a part, but the ability to do so via hotkey would be helpful.
  12. My guess is that they've deliberately left it rough to work on more important features for now. Have a loose framework in for later updates.
  13. Is that a technical, or design choice? Only just learnt about the restriction by watching Scott Manley's latest video.
  14. If Squad haven't thought of this, they need informing. I love the idea of having that kind of mission, though it will undoubtedly become easy once you have a few reliable launchers. The biggest downside to it would be a potential limit to the amount of supplied payloads.
  15. I think everyone is getting worked up over nothing. OP said build a satellite network, not the satellites themselves...
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