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  1. A small bug i noticed: in Career mode while on EVA Kerbals will gather surface samples even if you haven't unlocked this function jet.
  2. Die meisten Leute auf diesem Thread sind nicht mehr aktiv der neue Thread kann in dem Link über deinem Post gefunden werden. Allerdings ist der Thread auch schon weniger aktiv.
  3. Cool, i thought that would be lost forever, I actually made my own flag in the mean time, but I´ll use this one, since it looks much better
  4. I´d say we leave it for now, but if he doesn´t reply in the next week or so I think we should go ahead.
  5. I agree, he´s been inactive (on this thread) for nearly a month now.
  6. From what my Payload is starting to look like several hundred tonnes. Tell me how much you can get into orbit on an SSTO and I´ll base my spacecraft around that.
  7. Ok, I´ll see what i can do. what should the payload be capable of (besides grabbing the asteroid obviously), and should it be manned or unmanned? How much Delta-V are we talking on the travel stage?
  8. Okay what do you have in mind? Something absurdly complex, something minimalistic or something in between.
  9. Sounds like a good Idea. Btw any problems you notice with the plane you can point out to me and i´ll try to fix them allowing you to focus on building the ramp.
  10. Yeah by all means have a go, it would be awesome if possible, but first download the Latest version (i made some tweaks to stop the fuselage from bending as much). Still called test one (i´m crap at naming things)
  11. That is one of the problems I was unhappy with, but I have no idea how to do something like that, I know its possible to make doors using docking ports that undock and pivot open, but i think it would be extremely hard because of the shape of the fuselage. Another problem is, that the tail and nose houses all the fuel (to balance out) so it would throw the planes mass completely of center and make the plane dive (due to the center of lift being of) making it darn near impossible to take off let alone fly.
  12. Awesome, I´ve got a super Heavy Aircrft in the works (almost 600 parts by now) but i´m still not happy with the result, Can anyone recommend any improvements? Here´s the .craft file.
  13. I´m just asking becouse I´d really like to make some military aircraft using BD Armory. Okay hört sich gut an. Wäre in dem fall gerne Teamleader der Aeronautics division. On a different note Here´s some pictures of the new craft, created the explosion by mounting a gun from BD Armory on (wont be in final design). Still tweaking but will be done by the latest tomorrow.
  14. I´ve got another plane in the works already, also good job on Cira. How´s your plane coming along? Und noch eine frage, wie wollen wir eigentlich mit mods umgehen. Machen wir eine Subkategorie oder lassen wir sie einfach weg und wenn wir mods erlauben welche?
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