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  1. Thanks! You bring up a great point. Here's what they would look like at 50 px x 50 px, which would be their approximate size as an icon. A) B) C) D) I should have shared these as well.
  2. Hey guys, I've been thinking about changing KSPTOT's logo for a little bit now and I wanted to ask your opinions. I've been playing with Midjourney, the AI image generator, and it's come up with some pretty cool ideas for me. Out of about 30 or so images, I've narrowed down the ones I really like to these four and I was wondering if you all had a preference. "Keep the original logo" is also a preference too! Keep in mind these have to be shown at ~50 px square and that they will have transparent backgrounds, not white or grey. A) B) C) D) What do you think?
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share some news regarding the next pre-release of KSPTOT, whenever it is that I decide to build that. First, KSPTOT will be moving to MATLAB MATLAB R2023a as of the next PR. This is primarily because there's a free 5%-10% performance increase that comes with this next version just about everywhere in KSPTOT, and I'd like you all (and me!) to be able to take advantage of it. Second, Launch Vehicle Designer (LVD) will be getting a slight appearance overhaul in a few ways as of the next pre-release. There is now an option to display the color of sequential events as the text color in the listbox for easier identification of which event is which on the display. The listbox background automatically adjusts to a tone of grey that best displays those colors. The warning and alerts area now has a new look that I think will be slightly less clunky and hopefully easier to read. There's a new option to completely get rid of the rulers and grids in the display area when you render the orbit. You can now display or not the Axes box in your View Profiles. (View -> Edit View Settings) When all is said and done, here's what you end up with. Let me know what you think!
  4. So I've given this a go, and all that happens when I execute the is the spacecraft twitches a bit. It's like the orbit gets set and then is immediately reversed. I'm not sure what to do about it. Any ideas? See 0:09 of this video for an example of what I mean. Sorry for all the dinging sounds. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/809574842/
  5. When you say relative to the current body frame, you mean an inertial frame whose center is the center of the celestial body being orbited?
  6. Great, thank you. I see that method in the API documentation. Any idea what reference frame those position and velocity Vector3d objects are relative to? And do I just get the Orbit from the Vessel's OrbitDriver object?
  7. Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to programmatically set the position and velocity of a spacecraft. Say I want to locate the vehicle at 0 deg latitude, 0 deg longitude, and at some altitude. I want my velocity vector to be due north. How can I achieve this? Here's what I have so far, but it doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated! double ut = Planetarium.GetUniversalTime(); CelestialBody cb = this.vessel.orbit.referenceBody; Planetarium.CelestialFrame cbFrame = cb.BodyFrame; Vector3d pos = cb.GetWorldSurfacePosition(0, 0, 501000); this.vessel.SetPosition(pos); Vector3 CoM = vessel.localCoM; Vector3d up = (CoM - vessel.mainBody.position).normalized; Vector3d north = Vector3d.Exclude(up, (vessel.mainBody.position + vessel.mainBody.transform.up * (float)vessel.mainBody.Radius) - CoM).normalized; this.vessel.SetWorldVelocity(north * 100); this.vessel.UpdatePosVel(); Thoughts? Thank you!
  8. Hey Nate! There's a small but hardworking subset of the KSP modding community that develops external tools to help users perform spacecraft and launch vehicle mission design. While I might have one of the longest running mods out there in this regard (KSPTOT), I'm definitely not the only one. One of the big issues I've run into with developing with KSP 1 in mind that the developers never provided any insight into how they model forces and torques on the vehicles. Given this, what are your thoughts on: Providing a KSP 2 "theory manual" that contains information regarding the math models you all have developed and implemented in KSP 2? Especially important here are force model definitions and atmospheric model definitions. Providing API documentation that includes units, relevant reference frame definitions, and data type/dimensions where appropriate? Let me give you an example as to why I would love to see this in KSP 2. Right now I'm trying to reverse engineer how KSP 1 computes lift forces on a rocket so that I can write a plugin to generate lift coefficient databases for a given vehicle. This is extremely painful in KSP 1, because A) there's no documentation and B) there's no definitions for anything. I'm basically having to rely on what other modders have figured out before me, but some of it is out of date, etc. Providing the KSP community with those two bulleted items would go a long way to helping us out! Thanks for all the fun so far, looking forward to what KSP 2 has to bring in the future!
  9. Yes, I was able to reproduce the issues on my end. It was an issue with the new way that MATLAB implemented their tcp/ip connection interface. Reverting to the old way resolved the issue.
  10. I ended up reverting some files back to a late 2022 state and I think that's resolved it. Give it one more go for me.
  11. Alright, go ahead and redownload the PR4 package once more. I think I've got it figured out. I honestly have no idea why this broke all of a sudden though. Something changed here though at some point. Hopefully these changes fix the issue.
  12. Thanks for the note. That looks like just a warning, so you should still be able to upload a maneuver properly. Does it not work for you? Regardless, I've got it fixed and I'll upload a new verison of PR4 here soon.
  13. Title says it all. I've got a very low Munar orbit that has a periapsis below the terrain, but it's not being detected as a crash yet. See email. By the way, the issue with the orbit periapsis and apoapsis changing is still not fixed. Periapsis goes down, apoapsis goes up. Looks like an integrator issue to me, but I can't be sure.
  14. Hi everyone, Given a particular Vessel, is it possible to set its yaw, pitch, and roll? Either directly or indirectly via quaterion is fine with me. Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone! Tonight I've built KSPTOT v1.6.10 pre-release 4. Here's the change log: LVD: Implemented ability to only plot certain events in the View Profiles. LVD: Events are now numbered in the listbox string with equal number of digits for each event. Also frozen events now get a snowflake symbol instead of **. LVD: Added DERIVEst method for computing gradients and Jacobians. LVD: Fixed bug with getPositOfBodyWRTSun() LVD: Update NOMAD 4 mex that allows for parallel processing while optimizing. Lots and lots of bug fixes, mostly within LVD. @Gilph, there should be a fix in there for the bug you described. Let me know if it worked or not. As always, if you find any bugs, please let me know! Happy orbiting.
  16. Take a look at the Workaround section of this page. Some of the comments may also have fixes you can try. Substitute any reference to the MATLAB install directory with the MCR directory. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/397138-why-do-i-get-a-matlabwindow-application-failed-to-launch-error-when-launching-live-editor-app-des
  17. Okay, how about this. Can you give me orbital elements for the vehicle immediately before and after the Kerbin departure burn when you execute it in KSP?
  18. Can you send me a picture of what the trajectory looks like when you use the burns in KSP as provided by LVD? And can you send another picture with a close up of the Kerbin departure burn? Here's why. I suspect that your departure burn isn't being modeled correctly and you're not in the right place. That is, the true anomaly of the burn is probably not where you think it is in KSP. There's basically no way for LVD to be as off as you're showing it is without there being a modeling error somewhere. If you track that down, you should have the answer to the issue.
  19. Could you provide me with the LVD MAT case file you are working with? It can be hard for me to understand what you're struggling with without being able to see it. Thanks!
  20. OP, do Kerboscript scripts generally work with your mod?
  21. Alright, here's what you need to do to start, I think: Restart KSPTOT entirely. Make the bodies.ini file for your configuration. Open up KSP, go to a spacecraft or any rocket on the pad. Then in the main KSPTOT GUI window (with the porkchop plot), File -> Create Bodies File from KSP. Update the file you just created to use numerical propagation for the celestial bodies, as I think this is what Principia is doing under the hood. Add the following to each body's entry: propType = numerical_integration Just as a warning, this can be pretty slow, so if you can get away without the numerical propagation of the celestial bodies, I would skip this step. Load this file. File -> Load Bodies From File. Re-open LVD. Turn on Third Body Gravity. Scenario -> Edit Initial State. Push the Edit 3rd Body Gravity Properties button. Select the bodies you want to use. Turn on the 3rd body gravity model. Open up your first event. Select the Force Model Propagator. Hit the Propagator Options button. Select 3rd Body Gravity and save/close the dialog. Repeat this last step for each event in your mission. Let me know if this helps!
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