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  1. for a safe landing on Kearth, simply go FULL BURN! (without throttling up, just full burn) at 600 meters, you should decelerate enough to get to 6-8m/s at 60m, just throttle down after that and you should land safely without any bumps, and with some fuel remaining. only problem is that the descent module isn't protected againt the exhaust of the ascent module, so it just go boom when ignition.
  2. http://www.eveandersson.com/pi/digits/1000000 Okay, since i won the 'which has the longest' contest, could we please get back on topic ? for example, what do you think could be a good orbit diameter/body diameter for the Mün (since it can not be like his real-life equivalent) ? i'm asking this question mostly because the Mün prototype has roughtly the size of a very small asteroid, so, yeah. (also trying to put the Mün in orbit, and make it crash onto the KSP lauch center, shit's hard bro.)
  3. The finished product is... a monstruosity. And by monstruosity i mean DO WANT !
  4. Même en réalignant progressivement ta trajectoire ?
  5. Tout pareil, de France métropolitaine, pour ce qui est du vol le plus long, hmmm, toute une nuit, après, j'ai l'aissé tomber. je suis plus interessé par tout ce qui est manoeuvres en LEO, tenter de faire l'orbite la plus excentrique possible, amener le maximum de charge utile en orbite stable, et tout ce qui est rentrée atmosphérique, avec parachute, rétrofusées, ou lithofreinage (ergo : voir la vitesse maximum que je peux atteindre avant d'impacter le sol.). et puis il y à bien sur les grands projets persos : En ce moment, je suis sur la conception d'un chasseur multirole longue portée air/espace (faut encore que je trouve une dénomination correcte, et un nom, bien sur.), grosso merdo, le chasseur en lui même, c'est (dans le désordre) : 3 réacteurs+liquides (dont 1 NERVA), un coupleur triple plat, un module RCS, tout ce qu'il faut en ailerons, un module SAS, un découpleur, et la partie éjection d'urgence : parachute, module, micro réacteur (la dernière version de sunday punch) et ça, c'est juste le chasseur, après faut ajouter l'étage de navigation spatiale, l'étage de rentrée atmosphérique, et bien sur, les étages de mise en orbite. (ouais, je m'amuse) à noter qu'en enlevant le chasseur et en remplacant par le module du projet leapfrog, TADAAAA, programme Apollo débloqué.)
  6. it's even more badass than that i expected.
  7. hmm, simple design and nice maneuverability, does the RCS really help ? haven't used it yet. also planning to make a air/space superiority fighter (which will also act as a attack craft.), cool to see some other models.
  8. -pecker ! -where ? -wait, that's not a woodpecker, it looks like someone's...
  9. +1 internet very impressive, you have the guts of a true kerbanaut. Also, what's the program you used in those pics ? (it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine !)
  10. wait... WHAT ? (seriously, i we ever got some kind of explosion drive, i'm gonna get all over it.)
  11. Wait, seriously... What the hell is this shiALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-PROBE. :hailprobe:
  12. very impressive in precision of execution and beautiful visually.
  13. rumeurs, je m'avance grandement en disant ça, et il y à quelques images, soit en test pré-alpha, soit du troll (trololololo).
  14. *In French voice* this is awesome
  15. Looks like this game... *put on sunglasses* 8) Is starting to get off the ground pretty fast.
  16. oh come on, at least 200,000 tons of payload on one ship, with speed up to 0.1c and riding on nuclear blast ? Orion concept is fucking awesome. NSWR is cool through, along with Project Daedalus.
  17. et encore, imagine quand le multi va étre implanté RKV's, RKV's EVERYWHERE ! ;D
  18. your decoupler is gorgeous, do you think it's possible to make one visually like yours (covering the whole engine), but instead of just dropping along the jettisoned part, it 'explodes' into 3 smaller bits which fall away, just before the jettisoning part (allowing the rocket engine to show up still attached to the lower part of the rocket) ?
  19. i hope the dev will implement varied sizes for explosions, it could go from : - small (what we have now in effects) : explosion made by rocket engines, empty to half-empty small fuel tanks, empty boosters and empty big fuel tanks. - 3x more powerful (but same visual effects) : half empty to full small fuel tanks and boosters. - 6 to 8x more powerful (again, same visual effects) : half-empty to full 'big' fuel tanks. and finally : - nuclear engines : if they suffer explosion from overheating or by being damaged by a nearby explosion (also by lithobraking ? might be overkill), first is a short but bright flash, followed in atmosphere by a HUGE expanding mushroom cloud, and out atmosphere (30-40km) by an expanding and fading sphere of white-to-pale-blue plasma. but yeah, one can dream... ;D
  20. Damn yes, instant buy if i can do something close to what happens after 2:10 in this video : (will probably buy it anyway.)
  21. Y-a t-il des Francophones jouant à KSP ?
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