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  1. Hi, here ist the link to the .craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pieqv6pogx852i8/KSS%20LAUNCHER2.craft The ship was build with an older Version of procedural Fairings. Then I remove procedural Fairings and installed the new Version. I noticed if I remove the old Interstage Fairing bases and add new ones the bug disappears so it seems something is saved weirdly with the old ones. EDIT: I forgot: This is Sandbox
  2. Well I tried with a completely new savegame and new rocket. There it works just fine. Guess I will just rebuild thr rocket. Do you still want the craft file?
  3. Here are two screenshots. And I just reinstalled the mod completely fresh to make sure nothing old was left over.
  4. Is the Interstage Fairing Adapter broken? The fairings aren't covering the whole base for me anymore. Also the Attachmentpoints are in the middle of the base. Greetings Stefan
  5. Meine erste Mondlandung mit Rückkehr ist mir mit diesem Raumschiff gelungen, im Grunde ähnlich wie das erste hier gepostete hat aber beim Lander etwas mehr Fuel weil ich mich so wohler fühle und dadurch auch eine stärkere StartRakete. Im bild ist nur der Lander zu sehen.
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