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  1. It makes a new instance every time I revert to VAB and launch a new mission. I have 15 icons now. Running a fresh vanilla install with only this and Engineer Redux installed, so I doubt it's a conflict. Running partless too. No errors or warnings in the debug console either.
  2. I wish I still had that kind of time! I probably wouldn't even recognize the code anymore. I'll test out the pre-release this weekend and let you know if I see anything. Thanks again! Edit: I didn't check the debug window or anything, but it is working almost perfectly for me. Only issue is the calculator icon that toggles the UI on the right side keeps cloning itself. I currently have 5 of them.
  3. Just got back in to KSP after a very long hiatus and I am in awe to see this project is still alive. I knew I left it in good hands all those years ago, Addle!
  4. Protractor lives. Addle has been kind enough to resume development/care taking of Protractor since I have been unable to do so. New thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/83173-23-5-Protractor-Continued-Rendezvous-Plugin-v2-4-7-%28June-14th-2014%29
  5. Thank you, Addle, for picking this up in my absence. As I still am unlikely to be to have the time to devote to development in the foreseeable future, I definitely appreciate that you have been willing to take over updates/hosting/etc. It's also flattering that there is still a demand for what I created as a hobby almost two years ago. Thanks, everyone!
  6. If memory serves, that's a null reference that has been around in one form or another for a really long time. If nothing appears broken, there's no cause for concern.
  7. If you click on the column icon (e.g. the theta) it toggles between degrees and a countdown timer. Note: the timer is subject to some "wobble" due to the eccentric orbit the farther out the window is.
  8. In the meantime, if someone is feeling spunky and wants to take a crack at it, there's a reason I release the code on github and not in a .txt file: https://github.com/mrenigma03/protractor
  9. Toolbar: I'd like to, if I can find the time. I'm not against it, just burnt out from real life obligations. Moon -> Planet: This is already implemented. Orbit a moon, and a new button appears. Click it. Also read the manual for how to use it.
  10. Ok, I updated the plugin. It is 100% untested, so I make no promises that it works a) with the atomic rockets or anymore, like, at all Someone please give it a try and reassure me I didn't break anything. lyndonguitar, I haven't tested those myself, so others may be able to give you more accurate feedback. However, I coded the plugin with the intention that it not be tied to a particular solar system, so it grabs all the bodies from FlightGlobals.Bodies. If the mod works by altering that, then Protractor should adjust accordingly. The only caveat is, the system has to be somewhat analogous to the stock one in that e.g. moons cannot have moons.
  11. Sorry for the delayed reply. I didn't see this until the work week started. What is the atomic Pusher? My intuition tells me Protractor isn't recognizing this as an engine due to it probably being a mod engine. If you can direct me to what this is, I can take a look at it this weekend.
  12. UAL002: The plugin is open source and features a very generous license. Accordingly, I welcome patches to implement the community toolbar. Unfortunately, other real life commitments at the moment prevent me from having the time to add new features myself right now. I just rebuilt Protractor with the KSP 0.23 references and confirmed that it is working in the latest version of 0.23. If you were having problems before, try a clean install with the latest version from SpacePort.
  13. I'm still around but out of town without access to my machine to patch anything. I didn't have time to update and test before leaving, but initial accounts pointed to the mod still working as usual post KSP update. For you guys having problems, can you describe what is happening? Are you certain you have unlocked it in the tech tree if you are trying to use it in campaign?
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