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  1. So I ran across this today: Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favorite Software I know people have made their own custom control stations, but this might be an easier way for those of us who aren't as technical!
  2. Turns out this is 100% true. I built another plane with just .50cal turrets and put it into a duel with a MUCH faster plane. It used the rear facing guns to take it out no problem. As long as you only have one type of gun, the weapon manager will use any angle it can! It actually shot down the plane firing sideways! I didn't have time this morning before work to get screenshots, just long enough to test and make sure it worked. I'm going to pit it against 2 or 3 next, just to see what it does. I'll get screenshots of that.
  3. You'd think so with the design, but operating it manually there really is a wide field of fire, surprisingly really. If I was going to do something fancy, I'd change it for sure though so there is nothing blocking it for sure. Ahhh, okay. So it's not something I'm doing. Fair enough then. It'd be nice, but it sounds like it'll be a major pain in the ascii to get it changed. Maybe have multiple AIPilots and dedicate certain guns to them? Just a thought. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hey All! I'm (REALLY) new to BDArmory (continued or otherwise) and I've been trying to get something to work and it hasn't been and I can't figure out why. Maybe BDA isn't capable? I'm trying to build a kind of flying fortress, it's got four forward facing Brownign .50cal which it uses just fine, but I've also got a rear facing .50cal turret that it won't use at all. Well ... that's not technically true. If I operate it manually, it will work, so I know it works. But if I go into competition, it won't use it at all, even if the other team's plane is perfectly lined up. Any h
  5. Funny you should say that. I anchored my plane with a grapple and it worked. lol Oh well, I'll give a previous version a try as well. Thanks for the help!
  6. Well ... If it's dependent on KIS/KAS, that shouldn't be a problem. I do have the mods installed. Or do you mean the only way ships don't bounce is if they're anchored with KIS/KAS?
  7. Hey, so I've installed the mod and I've still got a jet that's bouncing WAY off the ground when I try to load another jet nearby, as you can see from the picture. Flipping Out I can't find any controls in-game for the mod, and I REALLY don't like messing with cfg files. Might it be interfering with Physics Range Extender? I need that for BDArmory. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Here's the craft file: Fighter Jet I have a lot of mods installed, but I think the only ones used by this craft would be BDArmory and Physics Range Extender Thank you for your time and attention to
  8. You're a god among modders You've adopted so many old mods it's amazing you have time for anything! But at the risk of seeming offensive, why this one? It's function is built into the game with the "aim camera" function. Wouldn't it be better to let it slip into the darkness?
  9. Out of curiosity, is anyone planning on releasing a Star Trek TOS (or even NxGen) Uniform pack for this? lol That was my first thought. With Engineers in Red, Scientists in Blue & Pilots in Gold (naturally). If someone wanted to get REALLY ambitious, they could even do the rank braids to reflect the experience of the Kerbals. I'd try this myself, but ... well ... I suck at any kind of artwork.
  10. I was flying from one place to another (as one does) and I spotted this on the way by. Does this or does this not look like the home of the League of Assassins (Nanda Parbat) from the TV show Arrow?
  11. AHA! Yes, it does depend on what part you request the overlay from. Using the engine, the same layout shows the proper fuel flow. As for 1.2, I haven't had much time to play with it (they always release updates when I'm busy or on holidays lol). But I haven't seen any use for the CommNet yet, and the built in map system seems laughably inadequate. Of course, I'm used to ScanSat, which is a MUCH more robust and useful mapping system.
  12. So I need some help understanding the new Fuel Flow. I was taking a look at it, but it's not making sense to me. Here, I'll show you what I mean. This first picture is straight forward, fuel in container goes to engine. Noooooo problem, I can see that easy. The second picture, not so straight forward. I've added two tanks with symmetry and turned on the fuel crossfeed of the decouplers. But the fuel is flowing from the right tank THROUGH the main tank into the left tank! What? Shouldn't it be flowing from both outside tanks INTO the center tank? So then I thought I'd d
  13. When is the rotation of the Mk1-2 Command Pod going to be fixed so that it's ladder lines up with EVERY OTHER PART THAT HAS LADDERS? I can rotate it in the game, but it throws off the rotation calculation, so when I want my ship rotated 0 degrees to line up with a space station, it's always WAY off and I have to eyeball it I hate eyeballing it.
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