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  1. foamyesque's post in Vessel with way too much delta V? was marked as the answer   
    I submit that there's no such thing as 'too much delta-v'... just 'not enough payload'. :p
  2. foamyesque's post in Scramjets or me? was marked as the answer   
    Major issues:
    1. No caps on the precoolers. I'd swap them for ramp or shock intakes, or, at least, put a nose cone on the precooler.
    2. Nothing inside the cargobay is shielded from flow because of how you've structured the attachments. Detach the -8 cargo bay, detach the claw-tug's very back docking port, directly attach the cargo bay to the cockpit, then attach the tug's docking port to the cargo bay.
    3. You have a lot of stuff hanging off the outside of the craft. The fuel lines are unneeded, the drogue chutes are unneeded, you have a lot of RCS units that could do with some trimming, and the RCS tankage may be able to be moved inside a cargobay or moved into stack tanks and put at the head of the whiplash nacelles.
  3. foamyesque's post in Docking port connection in VAB was marked as the answer   
    Subassemblies will try to attach through their root part. Did you set it to be one of the Jrs?
  4. foamyesque's post in Is the radius of Kerbin _really_ 600,000m? RESOLVED: F3's pants are on fire was marked as the answer   
    The info screen is made of lies, basically. I never trust it to report accurately because I have seen it report significant discrepancies to fixed measures -- e.g. pieces left behind at KSC during a glide challenge.
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