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  1. Thats why I did not put it in suggestions, I just thought it would be a cool thing that could happen if we all had monster PC's.
  2. I could have sworn I saw the Unity logo when I had it, hmm. Still would be awesome though if this could happen.
  3. I'm not even going to put this in suggestions, as it will never happen. But if you have been poking around the internet recently you may have found a game called BeamNG drive, in that game all cars have soft body physics, which means if I was driving head on into a pole the car would somewhat "wrap" around the pole, like in real life, someone else can probably explain it better. But I think this would be awesome in KSP because say if you are approaching the mun at a higher speed than the landing legs can support, the legs would bend and buckle under the weight and speed of the rocket. This could also be used if you collide with another object, instead of parts exploding they would bend, snap, and leak fuel if it were a fuel tank while colliding with the object, maybe the rocket would still work, although not as well. One of my favorite reasons is if your engine gets damaged, while landing or something, instead of it just exploding, the nozzle (depending on what engine it is) could bend, or it would be much less fuel efficient, produce less thrust (possibly by leaking fuel through the nozzle, which could ignite and explode, maybe further damaging your rocket) and could possibly give you a chance at going back home. Last reason, also my favorite, is reentry. While reentering the atmosphere, if you go in to steep or at a bad angle parts of the capsule could start to melt. Say you are reentering and you go in nose first, if you dont turn around fast enough the parachute could melt if it is ontop of the capsule, and after that the whole front of the capsule starts melting, until a hole is made and, sadly, your precious kerbalnaughts die. Or if you go in lopsided and one side is more exposed than the other, a hole could be made there, killing the kerbal on that side, but there could be a slim chance you correct yourself and the others survive, or the capsule flips out and they all die. I think this would be awesome if it ever were to happen. BeamNG Drive is made with unity, and if im not mistaken ksp is being ported to unity (?), so with a miracle this could happen. Share your thoughts? Do you think it's a good idea? Or does it suck?
  4. I have noticed with the new update that there is a loading screen just about every time I click on something. I go to VAB, loading screen. Go to Tracking Station, loading screen. Runway, loading screen. Try to launch a rocket, loading screen. I even notice a significant freeze of about 5-7 seconds when I switch SOI's. The SOI problem wouldn't necessarily be that annoying if my ship didn't move in that 5-7 second freeze. When I switch to the Mun's SOI I normally find myself far past the periapsis when the freeze ends, therefore I waste fuel getting back and getting an orbit. This is especially detrimental to the mission when I am going to another planet, I often approach at very high speeds and have to burn inside the atmosphere of most planets (if they even have one) to get an orbit. With this long delay time I often find that I have already passed through the atmosphere of the planet and I would waste too much fuel trying to land, this results in myself having to go right back to Kerbin, not even completing the main objective of the mission, very annoying. Going back to the loading screen in the VAB and such, I end up spending around 5 minutes total in loading screens when I test various parts of my rocket and make changes. This becomes very annoying after a while, and it makes me stop playing because of all the wasted time in a black loading screen. I suggest loading more of the basic tasks at the beginning of the game, because in the older versions I would instantly switch to the VAB, now I end up waiting 5-7 seconds just to load it. I may sound very picky, and I am sorry, but after a couple weeks of playing like this, wasting countless minutes, possibly an hour or more, in loading screens, it gets very annoying very fast, especially when long SOI switches result in a failed mission. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. Is it just me or is there a loading screen on everything I click, when i would go into the tracking station it used to be instant, not a loading screen. There is a loading screen for everything and quite frankly its getting very annoying, am I the only one experiencing this?
  6. Right now I have a probe on an escape trajectory out of kerbol, I know the SOI is infinite but i did notice kerbol gets smaller and smaller as I get farther away. Is it possible that if I leave my game on time acceleration for some ridiculous amount of time I would eventually get far enough away where I couldnt see it? Or is there an edge to the kerbal universe that will stop me?
  7. YOU, yes, YOU need to get as far away from kerbin as possble with, you guessed it, SRB's. Only SRB's are allowed on this challenge, winglets and sas are allowed for control. Post a picture of your launch vehicle and another picture of the height that you got to. Post more of your journey if you feel like showing. Good luck and godspeed.
  8. I graduated today, bittersweet if you ask me. EDIT: oh you mean in ksp, i sent my mun tug back to kerbin for one last time.
  9. Welcome! Have you landed on the mun yet? What about interplanetary space? Duna? Moho? Eve?!??! Ah I'm just messing with ya, welcome to the community! Have fun massively reducing the Kerbal population!
  10. You should crash into that boulder and see if it says you crashed into the Magic Boulder. I have also heard of a monolith formation on Vall, never found it though.
  11. I just landed on Vall, it's not really getting any attention but it is truly unique. Seeing Jool and sometimes Tylo or Laythe in the night sky is really amazing. Have any of you landed on Vall? If you haven't here are some screenshots to show you what it may just be like for you.
  12. Welcome, Anthony! I hope you gain lots of info from the forums and have fun massively reducing the Kerbal population!
  13. Launch, land, and return from Duna in the fastest time, all stock parts. Post pictures of your time here.
  14. For a Mun landing you can do a test mission before calculating the burn time to get a encounter, it wouldnt be that hard to get an orbit because back a couple of updates ago there was no map view. Landing would probably be the hardest part I assume. But 3-man capsule has more windows so i would advise doing that.
  15. Fly to any planet while using IVA only, any capsule is fine, if you want to be awesome use the 1 man capsule only. You can fly to the moon also, you are awesome if you use interplanetary flight though. No map view. have fun and try not to kill to many kerbals!
  16. It's the best engine for long interplanetary missions, I couldn't have landed on Duna without it.
  17. banned for having jam in your name, I HATE JAM
  18. This challenge is to use planets gravity to slingshot into another planets gravity. You CAN make adjustments to actually capture the planet. Slingshot from Moho to Jool you can skip planets but you must start with Moho and go to Jool. If you want to be a god then you can figure out when to start your "race" when the planets are and will be in the perfect position to automatically go from one to the other without you even needing to be there. Post screenshots please and have fun!
  19. So far i have landed on Duna, and it's moon Ike. I also have a ship with Bill, Bob, and Jeb orbiting Jool. Their atomic engines fell off the landing stage randomly so no landing on the moons . I'm working to get to Eve next. What planets have you landed on?
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