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  1. Every moon save Minmus, Bop, and Gilly is like that.
  2. You understand what nuclear engines actually produce, right? Even if it produced the energy, our atmosphere + our magnetic field prevent the radiation from doing any damage. And he knows they've been invented, he's asking why we aren't using them right now, even if we have them.
  3. My first stab at some writing. I suppose one might ask how my life turned around. One day, a measly store clerk. But then I heard of the KSP. The wonders rockets, bases on places further away than anyone could imagine. I had to join, right? This is my tale, the story of Fredwick Kerman. After months of vigorous training, my supervisors began to watch me. I didn’t see it at first, but slowly my assignments and workouts got tougher and tougher, and more and more quit. By the end of it, only nine were left. We were assigned different tasks; I was to be part of B group, and fly a cargo ship to Minmus Base Alpha. I was happy to get an assignment, and everyone B group was too. Dangel and Kerwich, they called themselves. It turned out our hope was to be lost. In the forty years since the dawn of the KSP, getting to Minmus had become routine. It was still exciting, and we were all happy. Our real job was unloading and staying at the base as EVA officials. Minmus Base Alpha turned out to be a relaxing place. EVAs in the low gravity were easy and fun, so we all were happy. After three months, we got the message to go to Space Station Omega, and report for a new mission. Details were scarce. We didn’t know it, but this would be the beginning of our greatest journey yet. I plan to update this, as my real plan is nowhere near what this is
  4. I kept making designs, got lazy, then began my sundiving campaign. And Bill made it back with a little trust, but Jeb and Bob are still stranded.
  5. What I want to know is if there is a gigantic mountain on Laythe, or at least an unusual one.
  6. You're confusing Io with Europa. The Chinese went to Europa. THERE IS LIFE ON EUROPA. I REPEAT. THERE IS LIFE ON EUROPA.
  7. I'm now going to launch a space program to sat map Laythe, and anyone who pulls it off should post it.
  8. Post a screenshot of your ship on the launchpad. Otherwise we'll all think you don't know what ya doing.
  9. However, the Monolith only appeared after Europa thawed. Vall does have some weird stuff, however.
  10. Lucifer is a mini sun, and Europa orbits pretty far away.
  11. When you get to about ten thousand meters, turn 90 degrees, and watch your apoapsis. When it gets to about 100000, coast to it. When you arrive, fire your engines until the you have a realitivly circular orbit. now, wait until the Mun rises over the horizon, and fire your engines. Watch your map until you enter the Mun's gravity. Enter the gravity and coast to the periapsis. Then, perform a retroburn and create an orbit. Keep burning until you are on a course to collide. Good luck!
  12. Anyone ever read 2061: Odyssey Three? If not, spoilers, I guess. After Jupiter is transformed into the mini-sun Lucifer, Europa, the frozen world, changes. Instead of ice, it becomes water with spots of land, like islands. The Europans begin to reach towards intelligence, and a Monolith is placed there to help them. Now, think. Atmosphere. Water. Islands. Plot courses for Laythe!
  13. 2000m is nothing, can you post a screenshot of the ship? (The Mun is 11 MILLION meters away)