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  1. WARNING The download @ https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/docking-port-alignment-indicator contains Trojan Win32/Critet.BS
  2. when it is ready for release.....
  3. I LOVE YOU, PRAY FOR YOU, HAVE DEEP RESPECT FOR YOU..... Youre ranking high within the best plugins so far !
  4. sometimes sensors attached on a spacecraft are hidden in darkness. One can overcome ths problem with a spotlight attached with is in some way a overkill. Getting a sensor a little bit illumineted by pressing "U" would be a smart sollution.
  5. With subassembly now functional one way to do that would be to buy a allready designed stage or assembly cheaper each time it is used then separate parts. You have then to decide if you by allredy used/testet but probably not as modern design but a lot cheaper then a new design. And it should get cheaper each time used - lets say 5% with a bottom at 65% from its original price. So first time you fly it would cost 1000, second time 950, third time 902, 857, 814, 773, 735, 698, 663, from no. 10 onwards it would cost 650 each time.... For the career mode i would like to chose "manned" or "unmanned" from the beginning - or - instead of small part sets group them in tier-groups from 1 to 10 or 15. And one can cose parts whatever one want out of the open tier groups instead of such sets. Think it would be more difficult for unexperienced players but one has to make well prepared decissions what parts to chose.
  6. yes.....so boring.... And still no foto camera right now
  7. Think so.... But no time to do the work right now and i will get busier each week up to chrismas...probably early next year....
  8. http://www.dlr.de/dlr/presse/Portaldata/1/Resources/documents/2013/ISECG_Roadmap_2013.pdf
  9. 3DA means 3-Delta & Asparagus-Shuttle an features all stock parts design payload capabability 5t in to 250km circular orbit orbital flight after reentry @ 300-350m/s @ 10.000m for 35+ min. center tank deorbit ability (needs ~150 units of monopropelant from a 250km circular orbit) Shuttle Feature 1200 units of monopropelant four rockomax 24-77 and fife FL-T100 tanks for orbital maneuvering two turbojet engines for atmospheric flight after reentry Clamp-O-Tron Docking port equiped with remote guidance unit to assist docking maneuvers PB-NUK for endless elecricity Center Tank feature remote guidance unit to enable deorbit maneuvers after decoupling Bats and solar panels for elecricity plenty of monopropelant for transfers and deorbit Easy to fly but i strong reccommend a very late garv turn(!) Activate RCS and SAS on the Pad until your in orbit and start your turn at 25k+ After reentry deactivate your 24-77s (4x) and start your jet engines at 10-12k - you can make good use of your RCS fuel left over to support your jet engines or braking. Pictures of test flight One Pictures of test flight Two – withcupola module http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/3da-shuttle-stock/
  10. It took me also a lot of time...but when you managed it you have defiately made a "giant leap" and working that out gives you a lot of knowledge and experience that brings you realy further in this game. grats!
  11. Was also my intention, but was told that part failures will not be a "feature" of this game. Therefore a new, much easyer idea to implement: What if SQUAD implements only the financial result of experience...? Example: One can buy parts in numbers to reduce the price of a single piece AND one can buy a stack of parts to reduce the price of the whole stack. Therfore you can invent whole "stages" and as more they are used unchanged they cheaper they get....as a result of the experience on the assembly line. Would work like this - if you take any parts out and put it together you pay 100% of its single peace price. As you can save the whole launcher you can save the stage or a probe, a lander, a satellite.... And for any stage-configuration that one uses again the price for the parts-set will drop. Using a stage a second time will drop its price for 10%, a third time will drop by additional 5%, from 4-10th launch the drop each time is 2,5%, up to the 25th launch is 1,25% and there after ist 0,75% up to the 45th launch - then the price of the stage configuration has decreased allmost to 50% and will stay there. Altering designs would also be possible this way. Removing a part out of a stage will reduce the stage price only by 25% of the price of this part Adding a part will increase the price of the stage by 10% + the parts price. Example: After 10 launches one adds RCS thanks and thrusters to a stage - starting price was 10.000 at the first launch, by the 10th it was 7.161. Now the price increases again to 7.877 + the price of the RCS stuff. This will result in a more real live behavior of the financial aspect of KSP
  12. This project looks amazing. Hope it flys as it looks. My experience with glider landings within KSP are much dissatisfying - wasnt able to come close to KSP center, lost control several times, and wasnt able to control sink rate below 2.500m..... Therefore asking if it is possible to fit something as a glide-path indicator in it to help landing it
  13. If you now place an engine below a tank and then a decoupler below the engine - you get automatic a fairing around the engine. This works well as long as the diameter of the tank above and the diameter of the decoupler below are the same and the engine is centerline. More complex engine placements like multi engine stages or a small diameter engine below a big tank are not supported. If you look at the picture 1) below the capsule and the x-200-8 is a poddle - looks/works perfect 2) below that is a 909 and i use the space below the tank for adding RCS and bats - 909 engine has fairing but wrong diameter 3) below is a 3 engine layout - would work well - but the engine mounting has more diameter then the nozle. Would fit well if the engines mountig is not so wide and there are no engines fairings at all Now my suggestions 1) To enable the use of the area around the engine mount like shown above (2) every engine should be connected to the tank only with a thin mounting - just a small frame and tubes. This would allow to use this area for additional things like RCS tanks as shown. 2) To enable a automatic engine(s) fairing between stages with every configuration there should be new parts - lets call it "engine mount plate". It has to be placed between the tank and the engine(s)+add. parts below and its diameter is the "target" for the automatic engine fairing - and not the diameter of the engine as now - as alos the target for the structural stability. Because right now the engine itself is a structural part in the stack and that is not realistic. Bcause if one now builds such a stack one has to add a lot of struts to enable stability. This way the decoupler below and the "engine mount plate" will work together, building a automated strut/fairing around everything between them.
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