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  1. Horizontal velocity isn\'t that important, you just have to get the vertical down as close to 0 as possible. In other words, 'float' above the ground as long as possible and then gently touch down. If your landing gears are spread wider apart then you\'ll be less likely to roll over.
  2. They\'ll say what\'s coming next when they\'re ready to say what\'s next. Squad isn\'t a massive developing franchise, they\'re a small but dedicated group. Play and enjoy the current version, and rest assured that whenever we get the next version that it will be another quality release.
  3. I got a Dell XPS 15 last year for college/gaming. It has: 2.3 GHz i5 w/ TurboBoost up to 2.9 GHz 4 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT 525M, 1GB with Optimus 500 GB HD Backlit Keyboard 9-cell Extended Battery. Never had a problem playing any game (granted I don\'t play high-intensity stuff like Crysis). Battery lasts for 6-7 hours of web browsing/note taking. It cost me about USD $830 last year. No problems other than a dead pixel
  4. I just kinda stared at this in awe because I haven\'t even gotten a chance to play around with all the new parts yet. Many helicopters will be attempted; many Kerbals will be slain.
  5. In my amateur days of flying I would just shoot straight up, creating a really narrow elliptical orbit, and then just 1000x time warp around and around, sometimes for 5 minutes until the Mun scooped me up when I was at my Kerbin apoapsis. Not very efficient, but it got the job done :
  6. I was fascinated by your very circular orbit. And then I spotted Mechjeb =P
  7. That\'s pretty cool. Very creative use of the wing connectors!
  8. If you move the decoupler on the jettisoned part up the list, does it still happen? To be honest if it is a bug it is more of a Mechjeb bug than a KSP one.
  9. I can\'t stand icons. Usually I hide the recycle bin too. I like to keep my desktop clean.
  10. I don\'t watch much TV, but some of my favorites are The Big Bang Theory, Blue Planet, and Robot Chicken.
  11. Are you landing on the dark side of the Mun? If you are you won\'t have a shadow because there is nothing casting light from behind your spacecraft. If that is not the case, then the only variable is the resolution. Switch to a lower resolution and report back? You never know.
  12. Fairly certain 'brave' is the threshold which the Kerbals will show the panicked animation at when flying. Not sure what 'dumb' does, perhaps how often they get that silly grin? In either case it is not cheating, as it does not effect the flying of the rocket, just the animations of the Kerbals in the corner.
  13. Wow, this is really well done. What did you use to record the scenes?
  14. Ahh, they sound exactly like I had imagined! It would be amusing if they screamed in their language while the ship was going out of control (with an option to turn off of course).
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