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  1. I suppose it depends on whether it's African or European. Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  2. What this guy said. I haven't actually played since 0.21, but this news has me about to load up the game right now.
  3. Important Moderation Team Note - Please Read Before Posting Sorry about the brief disappearance of the thread, folks-- This is a highly sensitive topic, and as you all know, we just can't have discussions of political or conspiratorial nature here on the KSP forums. After some discussion among the team, we've decided to drop this thread back in and let discussion continue. However, as stated, this is a sensitive topic. Any and all posts of political or conspiratorial nature will be promptly removed, and repeated posts will be followed with punitive measures. You can find the official forum rules here. Check before you post. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's just the thing; most of what we know right now is 'eyewitness reports' and media of the aftermath. Nobody has any actual evidence of what happened before that flight went down (correct me if I'm wrong). All we can really do is speculate until we have more information.
  4. Steam will automatically update with the 64-bit version, yes. It will be downloaded as a separate executable in your KSP directory, along with the original x86 version. Currently, there is no launch parameter for Steam's Windows client to have it open the x64 by default, so you'll have to set a shortcut or navigate to it manually when you want to use it. The x64 executable is about the same size. Nothing's missing. Please see this article for further questions regarding what .24 will have. Pretty much everything we know is right there.
  5. I've swept up some off-topic banter. Let's stay away from personal attacks and stick to the topic here, folks.
  6. Aphox


    Yep, it'll happen when it happens and not a moment sooner. For future reference please see the rules in regards to release date threads.
  7. Sorry, guys. As much as even I love the Doctor, fan-threads were explicitly forbidden last year due to their tendency to become unruly and too wibbley-wobbley to moderate. Please see this thread regarding fan threads for context. For the sake of sticking to our own rules, I'm going to have to close this.
  8. Yah! Happy birthday!

  9. Seems like that argument is out of the system now, and we can get back on topic. Remember, this isn't a debate forum-- this thread is to talk about BobCat's mod, not argue over why he doesn't have the time to finish it. Chill and talk about the mod.
  10. Aphox

    Abandoned Mod

    You may want to check into what license you use if you want to put restrictions like that on your content. The license for this mod is non-commercial sharealike, which directly allows redistribution under the condition that it's under the same license. You also put it in your OP: If you'd like to change that, you may want to take a look at the licensing thread.
  11. Granted. The wishes are super boring. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT ALL THESE BEES!
  12. Aphox

    Oh no!

    One of the staff members responsible for publishing The Daily Kerbal has been gone on vacation, and the others are very busy this week handling the release of ARM and working on 0.24. Be patient and keep an eye out on media outlets, the devnotes will be available within the next couple days, at the most. The Kerbal Space Program Tumblr and Facebook pages can be found here, and here, respectively.
  13. Yay you figured it out! Closed as requested.