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  1. Exactly. So I live within a 20-minute walking distance of Duna.
  2. Na végre, előkerültek mások is! Én azt vettem észre, hogy 64 bit alatt (Win XP x64) stabilabb a cucc. De elvileg a 0.17.1 majd sokat javít a memória kezelésen.
  3. Damn, I can't get used to this forum, so no real quotes. Yes, some people already done it. I don't say you have to, it's your choice. Thanks for the thorough reply! Let me address it in order. 1) This is just a lander. I thought it will be obvious that you need a launch vehicle for it, but I should've clarified. My bad. But when in doubt, ask! 2) Having a launch vehicle should solve this. 3) Again more clarification. 4) Well, it works for me. I feel a lot more comfortable having RCS and the cones are really just for looks. The rest) Everybody has his/her own style of desgining and piloting. I wondered what others are capable with this thing. If you don't like it, that's fine, as I said, I really appreciate you took your time to give me an answer. Well, getting approximately 70 tons into LKO is not that easy to begin with. It's a bit heavy, so manouvering and landing could be tricky. As I said above, I'm curious what others can do with this 'generic lander' and thought it would be fun to see how differnent approaches turn out in a competitive atmosphere. This could be used many ways: -The experience itself would be useful for later times. -You can make a guide with a link how (not) to design crafts. -The (possible) videos could draw more attention to this awesome game. -Doing anything related to this on the TeamSpeak server would strenghten the community. -etc. As for the wiki link, thanks, I've never heard of these.
  4. Almost two days passed since the announcment, the thread is considered hot and past 180 views, yet nobody applied. What's wrong with the challange fellow kerbals?
  5. EVA on Duna: Jeb dies from a few meter fall. Improper staging: Landig stage ends up as debris en route to Mun. Sepratrons and decouplers fire in the wrong order -> BOOM! Warping: left RCS and SAS on. RCS ran out before landing.
  6. In my experiences 8 smaller parachutes (which are stronger than the big one) can be safely deployed on a 60-ton craft between 100 and 120 m/s. If you have the roughly 500m fall at that point, only minimal thrust is required to achieve a safe landing.
  7. Behold, the K-2 (interplanetary) lander! Your task is really simple: take this craft and land it on as many celestial bodies as you can. As you can see, the craft is completely stock: 3-person capsule, NERVAs, landing parachutes and other neat stuff applied. Rules: - You can use MechJeb or any other plugins you find handy for designing, plotting and piloting - You can only use stock parts - You are not allowed to change the fuel system of the craft - You are not allowed to change the overal looks of the craft - Post screenshots of your missions on the launchpad, in Kerbin orbit and at the landing site - You can have as many launches as you please - You'll collect Awards, which will give you your points - the one with the most points will win the challange - Point value of Awards are secret and will only be revealed when a winner is named - The challange ends on the 30th of October Awards: In the neighbourhood - Land the craft on the closest three celestial bodies to the launch pad Not quite possible - Land on Moho The thicker, the better - Land on Eve Watch the quicksand! - Land on Gilly Dun'd - Land on Duna Is this Charon? - Land on Ike I see no jellyfish - Land on Jool Thalassan vacation - Land on Laythe My name is not spelled with a 'W' - Land on Vall Not Danish - Land on Tylo Squid rock - Land on Bop Bonus awards: First! - Be the first to get an award I get it - Find references above and PM me with them (each worth points) Well documented - Post more pictures of your trip than the rules require 24 pictures a second sure says a lot more than anything else - Make a video of your trip I got back! - Return to Kerbin (doubles the points you get for the mission) I'm the night colour me black - Land on the darkside Attracted to moonshine - Land on every moon in the system Planetarium - Land on every planet I've seen everything - Land on everywhere Want some eggs? - Land near easter eggs (each worth points) I'm doing this live - Do your mission while you're online on the community TeamSpeak server Use the Force! - Do your mission without any mods (doubles the points you get for your mission) The reward: The winner will get +1 rep from every participant and will be regarded as someone with a lot of spare time.
  8. You only need the radius of both planets and use the equation of calculating sphere volumes. Not that hard, high school math.
  9. Anybody's up to some interplanetary fry-bys?
  10. How did the Apple rant go on guys? I've got so frustrated by my new desing failure that I left shortly after you started.
  11. Designing an interplanetary lander/return craft and ironing out staging errors WHILE making sure you are able to leave Kerbin (or even the launch pad)... Then getting caught by the Space Cthulu for seemingly no reason. Yeah, I spend hours and hours just trying, which is infuriating if I recall my perfect missions. Although I managed to avoid crying in a corner - so far.
  12. Getting online now. Just need to find a hotkey for push to talk.
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