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  1. Part of me wants to try this technique on my own rovers, another part of me knows I'll just accidentally press space one day. Maybe I'll create a version of that Radial Decoupler that doesn't decouple
  2. Doesn't help that what engine exhaust does and does not damage seems to be random. Nose cones, Pods and other things that would probably (be designed to) survive re-entry will go up like Roman Candles when exposed to exhaust, but an Astronaut can sit under a Mainsail at full power and be absolutely fine.
  3. I don't think temperature has really been implemented in the game yet for parts that aren't Liquid Engines or Thermometers, and the wiki claims Kerbol's "Surface" begins at 4500-4700km, so I guess in theory you could orbit at something like 4702km, though you'd probably need an INSANE of Delta-V to do get there (you'd probably need Ion Engines, which is just as well because Liquid Fuel engines would probably just blow up due to overheating anyway) When they implement fully heat mechanics, I guess it'll just depend on how heat-resistant your particular craft is
  4. I just made my own custom part to get around that (the Stack Splitter, a mini-decoupler with only 1/10th the decouple force)
  5. You think you have it bad? Us Mac players have to re-download (and then re-install) the entire frickin' game EVERY time we want to update!
  6. You can't, closest you can do is using Hyperedit to move around existing planets.
  7. It makes quite a good engine for tiny Landers/Rovers, which I've been using it for. OT, my least favorite engine is the LVT-45, I've never been able to find a situation where they'd be worth taking over LVT-30's.
  8. Sure, go ahead & use it. That's why I made it after all! Just about all of the Mun's higher terrain is up at its poles, you only really need to worry if you plan on placing something in a Polar Orbit. The same could probably be said for a few of the other flatter bodies (like Eeloo & Dres), but I haven't checked.
  9. I actually did a small table of this for my own Space Program. Here, I've shown what I personally would consider to be the lowest "safe" orbit you could do, along with the height that the terrain/atmosphere begins: Kerbin: 70 km (Atmosphere begins at 69.079 km) Mun: 4 km (Highest Terrain 3.335 km) Minimus: 6.25 km (Highest Terrain 5.725 km) Duna: 42.5 km (Atmosphere begins at 41.446 km) Ike: 13.5 km (Highest Terrain 12.725 km) Eve: 97.5 km (Atmosphere begins at 96.709 km) Ghilly: 7.5 km (Highest Terrain 6.4 km) Dres: 6.5 km (Highest Terrain 5.67 km) Moho: 7.5 km (Highest Terrain 6.753 km) Eeloo: 4.5 km (Highes Terrain 3.869 km) Jool: 139.25 km (Atmosphere begins at 138.2 km) Bop: 23 km (Highest Terrain 21.749 km) Pol: 6 km (Highest Terrain 5.585 km) Tylo: 13.5 km (Highest Terrain 12.695 km) Laythe: 56km (Atmosphere begins at 55,262 km) Vall: 9km (Highest Terrain 7.976 km)
  10. As someone who's played a bit of EvE, I must say these replica ships are amazing!
  11. The RoveMax 1's handle (and brake) much better. If you so much as tap the Brake or turn buttons in a TR-2L Rover you usually end up spinning/flipping out of control
  12. I know this is kinda random, but could you make a non-explosive Orion Drive using W-a-K? Just put a load of metal plates on the back of your ship and bounce things off it. I'd test it myself, but my mouse has no middle button.
  13. I just use the Probe Cores for all my craft
  14. The 0.20 wheels have a pretty bad habit of spinning out of control when you try to do just about anything, try using the Rovemax 1 wheels instead. They're a bit heavier and a bit more power-hungry, but are MUCH more stable.