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  1. "Where you lose me is when you want squad to make this the mandatory playstyle for everyone. That smells of "telling others how they should enjoy the game" and I don't like it one bit." I dont want to force everyone to play the game that I want... If is that I said by inadvertence, know that it's not that I wanted to mean. I just ask the community for opinion about that. If you are against, it is your right... But if you agree with me, just say it. Dou you want a rebalance ? The question is simple: YES or NO. If you are against, you can argue your point of view, just l
  2. Totally agree. Worrying about the remaining RCS fuel is totally in the KSP soul and add an interesting challenge branch. Is not a bug which need to be fixed... It is just a rebalancing in order to make the RCS more interesting/fun to use...
  3. 65% is not 100%... Is just 15% more than 50%. So your sentence "No one has a problem with the reaction wheels the way they are." is false... 35% of peopole have a "problem" with the reaction wheels the way they are. And only 60 members voted this poll (about 0.01% of the KSP players).
  4. So you will for an implementation of the reaction wheels saturation in the stock game?
  5. If you don't want to wait 20 seconds to rotate your 20 km length ship, use RCS...
  6. If you have read the entire thread, you have a point of view about adding an item in the difficulty options...
  7. No reason that your awsome shuttle don't work in hard mode... It will just be hardest to control the attitude without RCS... EDIT: hardest, but possible... More challenge.
  8. The point of realism that you given as examplesare off-topic. The reaction wheels causes problem on RCS utility. The cargo bay opening/closing speed is just no factor... More RCS needs == monoproplant needs == heaviers rockets == more challenge... So modify the ractions wheels torque according to the difficulty level is totally adequate or me. "but you have to readjust a lot of the game's balance to fix it." Is just the task of the devs'... Readjust, balance, and fix...
  9. Happy to learn that I am not alone... "The problem is that if you relied on "realistic" reaction wheels, you'd need to keep your finger on the ASWD keys for several minutes to get an attitude adjustment up to a couple degree's a minute. It's not a "FUN" way. Even RCS is ridiculously OP relative to IRL counterparts, and maneuvers would not be enjoyable or playable as a game when setting for a single maneuver would take 30 minutes or more of constant attention for small attitude adjustments." You can use RCS no ? And what do you think about this (written in another post)
  10. For me, the reaction wheels should be an help to control and stabilize your vessel, but not the main way to do that... I think that the RCS should be the main system to control the attitude. There is no "punishment" to the player when he's out of monoproplant. I ask for more balance, not a full realistic game.
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