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  1. Is there seriously an entire thread about 2+2? Lol, you guys rock! ;P
  2. @ntmoore19 Your profile pic is the space core. That goes perfectly with this game. I\'M IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Portal 2 was one of the best games ever. Anyway, I haven\'t used the O.P.A. module yet, but my dad has, and he likes it. He finds it pretty useful. Is this also useable for correcting extremely elliptical orbits, or deorbiting?
  3. A nice patch that's supposed to be like the first mission in anyone's KSP. Totally conceptual, a first-proto, and it even has the Mün in it! XD hope y'all like it!
  4. Lol. Unicode fail! (You didn't really fail, the Unicode did.) By the way, ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That's the entire greek alphabet in caps, lowercase, and a few others. My favorite is PI ? Hail my pie! XD By the way, I memorized eleven digits of Pi! 3.1415926585 I'm on board with the ?un idea! Lol!
  5. I don't have access to, like, Mediafire or any of that crap, but I will add the texture file that you can plop into there and/or the entire part. If you're talking about the part file (the .cfg) then YOU SHOULD NOT COME TO ME because the PartLab program is as useful as a boulder on a space shuttle with my computer. Won't do a thing. But on the other hand, I'm better than your average guy with Paint Shop Pro! Long story short, Textures are my thing, I can't mess with the .cfg. I can add the whole thing like a normal download if ya want. What do you got in mind?
  6. Seriously, this thread is for the space station concept, and all anyone talks about here is columbian sugar and pancakes, and that I'm insane. Everyone, if I admit I'm crazy, will you stop? I admit it. I am nuts. Happy now?
  7. Hey, is that kid in cub scouts? the t-shirt looks like the day camp shirt of the recent one I worked at! XD probably coincidental!
  8. Yep, you tell me what you want it to look like, I make the magic happen. Here's how I want the request post. This is how it'd look if you wanted the Sphaera Fuel Obtinus to have an epic-face on it: _______________________________________________________________________ Lenny, I wanted the sphaera mod to have an epic face on it. (this is where a link would be to the part if possible) (this would be a link to the pictures, this part is not required at all) (If you want a due date, say this:) I would like the re-textured part by Month/DD/YY _______________________________________________________________________ It doesn't have to be exactly like that, I just want it organised. By the way, this is my first example. It actually is, in fact, a Sphaera with an epic face.
  9. XD I can't imagine KSP without 3D Rendering. It's not a thing to take for granted. 3D graphics are awesome. They add a whole new dimension of cool to the game.
  10. What I like to do is make a really unrealistic ship that uses stuff like vaccer's nacelles and the Outamos from FutureTech (the makers of Sphaera) and let it go overnight or while I'm at school. Today, I went so far out it crashed the game.
  11. @Hayoo: I'd like to make a patch for your son for the first time he flies up at least one megameter (after Kilometers on the altimeter). If I make it, will you give it to him after he achieves it? I would like to put something like 'Designed by lennyoliy' in the background, not on the patch. I plan on making it look like a patch. It's a ton of layering and photoshopping. I'll post it and PM you when it's done. -Lennyoliy
  12. I really didn't know that! They really had a moon in the early releases?
  13. But it will impress Jeb, that's for sure! yeah, I guess it is enough. Just being descriptive!
  14. I am not freaking out about the NASA thing. Just doing two things: 1.) Giving an opinion. 2.) Changing the subject.
  15. On Earth, the phrase 'What goes up must come down' is a statement that without anything like a rocket or such, it's tough to escape gravity. On Kearth, the phrase, used to describe the rockets, goes as: 'What goes up must blow up in a twisted metal inferno that will without a doubt impress Jebediah.' Nice work with the Saturn V. Love it!
  16. Thought WHAT was sugar? There wasn't any sugar. No powder at all. Just choco-chips. And optimism. You know, the president cancelled project Constellation so he could tell NASA to develop a heavy lift rocket. But wasn't Constellation made up of heavy lifters? They should just go with Vaccer's all-famous nacelles. Those are epic. XD if only life worked like KSP. You're rockets work like crap so then you download a ton of off-the-chart-in-unrealism mods, maybe a game cheat or two, then go off-the-scale in success.
  17. No happy pills involved! Just optimism. And kittens. Tasty kittens on top of chocolate chip filled pancakes. Chocolate chip filled kittens with chocolate chip filled pancakes. Yum yum! Lol I'd never eat a kitten. Just the optimism :-P And the common misconceptions that occur when attempting to use sarcastic remarks on a non-dialect based communication system. (translation for dummies: Sarcasm is hard to notice on the forums) (post edit) Lol I just realized that makes it sound like I eat optimism. (another post edit) No sugar on the pancakes either.
  19. You're a really smart guy! I've gotten some, shall we say, 'unhappy' comments (*cough*Douglasdtlltd*cough*) in my time here. Not very often people say that. Thanks! Oh, and everyone, Whaddya think of my Jell-o metaphor, Eh?
  20. I should animate my avatar now too! With the space station idea, I love it. I think that they should make it so we can log into our accs and go around our space stations and chat and stuff. We can build them and stuff and show each other. And we can upgrade the current ship! or, we can make it a research place with all these kerbal scientists, and bring them a payload of rocket parts! LOL there are limitless ideas! Man, these space station ideas are like jell-o! There's always room for more!
  21. That's a nice thing for you to say. I have a rather... shall we say, 'unusual' sense of humor. And too much time on my hands. By the way, I meant to say, that's a pretty cool avatar you got there. First animated one I've seen.
  22. Yes. I was gonna ask someone else for a special extremely-strong V-coupler. Plus, I would use a ton of struts...
  23. TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH OPERATION SPACE STATION! Hey, that rhymes! It does that from time to time. I did it again! That happens, too, every now and then! ;P KSP rocks, can't you see? I'm so glat it's currently free! 8) Roses are red, External tanks are orange... ??? Dangit! Nothing rhymes with orange! :-[ Well, that's done, nothing more to do. I want a space station, now don't you? OMG AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!? ;P (The only rhyme I didn't plan on making was operation space station. And I intentionally used the one word I know of that doesn't have a known rhyme. Don't judge me! >) Moral of this story: 1.) I like the idea of a space station or other similar concepts (i.e. a moon orbiting Kearth) 2.) I have too much time on my hands
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