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  1. YOU SEE THIS WATER IN MY EYES! THAT WATER IS TEARS! TEARS. OF. JOY. Now if only we could skip straight to the assembly itself.....
  2. I think the problem with teaching them programming is they learn about software, not the hardware itself. But then the problem with logic gates and the like is that there is a VERY big difference between Gates and a full Computer. It would take a long time to explain how it fits together, especially to 8 year olds. I was going to say I think scratch is wrong, but then I thought back to when I was about 7 or 8... The IT teacher had this program thing, where you had a blank white space, and a window at the side with arrows in it. The idea was that a you stacked up these arrows paired with number
  3. PA's are troublesome. You need VERY high vacuum, which means very expensive equipment. One thing you can do with just under one thousand dollars is a Fusor. Farnsworth-Hirsch fusors are quite cool. You don't even need deuterium for glowy-scienceness!
  4. Awww I wanted a thread about forest camping. I don't play Battlefield or COD but occasionaly fire up TF2 or CS:Source. It is very annoying, especially on the 'community made' maps that have no logic to them, when the ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM stands at your door.
  5. Seriously get one. Invest like 20 $£EUROSWHATEVER. It is the most fun you can have in a flight sim IMO. IL-2 just has these awesomely flying planes that feel so smooth but so touchy at the same time. I need to get it working in Wine, but I played back when I was running windows (ew) and it was awesome. You can pick up a 2 axis joystick for like 20 bucks, but then you have no yaw. I got my FLY 5 for 50 euros, but you could order it somewhere for like 30 I'm sure. Also I got Gunpoint a day before the sale, it was on sale because of new engine, said it they were working on Linux/Mac, played it
  6. Installed Debian Jessie(testing) 64 bit yesterday, I'd tried Dual booted ubuntu before, yesterday I decided to go all the way. GNOME3 desktop, default drivers (Sandy Bridge HD 3000). I can confirm I am getting better frames here than I ever had on windows. Had a small bug when I reverted to SPH and it crashed, but haven't been able to recreate it and it was on the 32 bit executable.
  7. I got 35 because I am on my laptop keyboard. When I get back to my normal one I'll give it a go.
  8. If you want to learn Unity I would suggest C#. You may be scalded by the 'Hardcore' programmers, who use Linux and are sworn to c++ and open-source, but you can code in whatever language you want. Unity uses Javascript, C# or Boo (kinda Lua-like). I would say C#, as its more flexible, it's a popular language and you are free to use most of the .NET framework with it. (Unity doesn't include some of the DLL's) You can either download Unity and use the built in IDE Monodevelop, or download Visual Studio Express, learn some C# and then get started on Unity. I would recommend downloading visual stu
  9. From the reddit post: So yeah, I made a game thats vaguely not christmas themed, but I figure when else does everybody have so much spare time! Webplayer - link Linux x86 - link Reddit Page
  10. I want to do the same thing with mine once I've implemented generation! Currently I just instanstiate cubes it using GameObject cube = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Cube); so that I don't have to keep a Prefab stored, that should keep size down as I want to try and keep things mostly procedural. Texture2D is a surprisingly powerful class-thingy, it would let me just define a texture with an array, or I could make those generate from perlin noise as well. But I think you could go a few different directions with this game. Whatever you do keep going!
  11. A game based off another is better than no game at all! I spent the entire day trying to get a perlin noise function to work with my voxelly thing I'm making. To little avail.
  12. I accidentally summoned the UFO boss without knowing what it did. I died. By penguin. Now I must start again. All the ores! GONE! Oh well. Where do i get guns from by the way? I've killed many a hunter-dude but no-one drops guns.
  13. Sunk 3 hours into it today, not much but enjoyed it so far, but judging buy what everyone's saying I think it may be time to up sticks and start digging elsewhere, I'm stuck (as such) on the Rescue beacon questy-thing finding iron (6/30). I've got a hostility level 1 forest moon, a level 6-8 (can't remember) desert, and a level 1 inhabited desert with a city, all orbiting a gas giant.
  14. What terrain detail level do you have? I find that with my integrated graphics, just looking at it murders the CPU. It can still be laggy when I look at the planet but not nearly as much as with detail on high. But if textures are on it still looks decent-ish.
  15. I remember seeing the thing for it AGES ago. Sorta forgot about it till recently, will probably buy it. EDIT: Bought it! Now we wait.
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