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  1. Stock apart from mechjeb and editing strut strength to 400 shear and 400 normal strength (works without but much less consistently) Potatocorp presents to you... TERRA AD ASTRA (Latin for "earth to stars") [ATTACH=CONFIG]34760[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]34761[/ATTACH] Stats: Payload capability (tested up to 160 Tons) Stages: 11 Design: Double Asparagus design (madness) Weight on launchpad 993.9 tons Usage: Lifting extremely heavy things Stability: Moderately low (sorry) A super heavy lifter capable of lifting a payload of over 160 tons to LKO, Pictured: Using the lifter but different payload than given in craft file. [ATTACH=CONFIG]34759[/ATTACH] This lifter will allow you to use crazy heavy landers, or orbit large space stations/fuel depots, (Coming soon) (The pictured craft is shown lifting a payload of only 100tons) as the 160 ton payload is not stock Usage directions: Warning may cause many FPS issues, not recommended for an older computer. I strongly recommend editing strut strength and shear strength to 400 for consistency. 0. In VAB replace anything above stage 5 with your payload (a heavy lander is attached in craft file) 1. 1st Throttle up to 100% Turn on ASAS and launch, position clear of the launch tower or it will explode. 2. Outer 3 stages will get it up to approx 10km, full throttle. 3. Wait for first of the inner stages to be released before attempting gravity turn. [ATTACH=CONFIG]34763[/ATTACH] 4. Do gravity turn (cross fingers and quicksave like hell) 5. You all know how to orbit 6. Modify to your purposes. Here you go [ATTACH]34764[/ATTACH]
  2. I've got one but which mod is for the extendable solar arrays, feel stupid having giant extended panels on the launch pad
  3. Using ORDA & Erkle Mod it becomes moderately easily if you can get a craft to circularise within 1-2km of the other and use the relative velocity arrow with RCS
  4. Hi there, KSP is amazing! I have been playing this game for over 2 months now and I want to share some of my creations and findings with you guys, including: An (Nearly Stock) Ultra Heavy Payload Orbiter (+160 tons to LKO) Called: Terra Ad Astra (All planets are accessible) A (ORDA & Erkle's mods) Fuel Depot/Spacestation , complete with docking carrying over 15,000 L liquid fuel, 3,300L of RCS and a crew capacity of 15 People Called Adiumentum (I have a thing for latin names) A (Stock) SSTO capable of a one way minmus trip ____ unnamed A (Damned Aeronautics) Quadrotor Lander for Eve ____unnamed Will upload as soon as it lets me post attachments. Watch this space. Question: When can I post attachments?
  5. Thanks for the inspiration I'll upload my take on this when I can post attachments (any idea at what post count uploads are allowed?)