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  1. "In total the Centaur upper stage must provide 7483.69 m/s of ÃŽâ€V. Stage 3 (Centaur Upper Stage ): ΆV3=( Isp∗g0) ln (m6/m7) Isp=451s g0=9.81m/s^2 m6=25475.3 kg m7= 4645.3 kg ΆV3=7529.53 m / s > 7483.69m / s"
  2. I recently completed a project for my university degree in which we had to design a space mission. Part of the project was to briefly present an outline of the project and so I thought I'd just throw up my presentation slides here. Not going to bother uploading the accompanying report or 20 pages of calculations. Maybe it'll give somebody an idea for a mission to Jool. Would love to see a recreation. Cheers!
  3. Hey everyone! Was looking for another way to spend some of my limited free time, and I decided to make a documentary series about the history of the KSP. I've made a quick "pilot episode" to gauge interest, get ideas, etc. THINGS TO NOTE BEFORE WATCHING: - I've tried to make my voice more documentary-like but my Australian accent doesn't help. May need to find someone else to do the narration. - This pilot episode is not funny. A proper series (including a new first episode) would be based on suggestions and would portray the KSP as completely ridiculous. This episode is just to show the concept. - I didn't want to write music for a series that may not happen if nobody is interested so instead I've used music I wrote for my band that really doesn't suit. AAAAAnyway.... here's the pilot/concept episode. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. I keep checking to see when the Rama movie is starting development, but problems keep delaying it. Haven't yet bothered reading the Rama sequels. From what I hear they shift away from Rama and towards "relationships" and stuff. I couldn't give a monkey's butthole about that. I don't mind a bit of it in order to personify the characters a bit more but as a plot I have no interest whatsoever.
  5. Great suggestions. Another thing I was thinking about the other day (while finishing off 2010 for the billionth time) was that if done right, I'd really love someone to do a reboot of the Space Odyssey series as movies. All 4 of them. People have talked about filming the last 2 as sequels to the 2 out already but they would obviously have different actors (both actors of Floyd are dead) and different styles. I also love 2010: The Year We Make Contact but it's not very loyal to the book which is 1000000* better and the film also has some pretty glaring scientific errors. A LOTR style quadrilogy (4 long movies each coming out about a year apart) that sticks closer to the books, with an obvious exception for the first one which would need to be changed to be closer to the events in the Kubrick movie, would be epic. Of course if it did happen someone would completely screw it up and we'd end up with 4 awful, bad CGI, blasphemic wastes of time. I can dream though.... Who would you cast in the main roles? Floyd, Bowman, Poole, Floyd Jr, etc.
  6. I was actually really enjoying Red Mars until it skipped ahead a bunch of years to when corporations and settlers arrived, and then apart from a line now and then to make it obvious they're on Mars, most of what was going on could have been set on Earth in any period. I completely lost interest and stopped reading. I figured there was no point reading Blue Mars or Green Mars since they're obviously set on a planet not even remotely like the Mars we know now.
  7. Thanks! I'll have to check these out. I really love the books that are possible futures based on current life. In the same way that 2001 used the technologies of the day, and the trends in space travel to predict the world of 2001 (and would have been pretty accurate if funding and direction hadn't been cut all over the world). As someone with a pretty good understanding of celestial mechanics (as I'm sure most of you are too) as well as being an aerospace engineer, it really destroys my immersion into the story when there's something in the book that is clearly impossible.
  8. Can anyone recommend any "hard science fiction" to me? For people that don't know what that is, it's where the author doesn't just make stuff up and call it science. Instead they use actual, explained science or possible science as part of the story (such as fuel consumption, celestial mechanics, thermodynamics, etc) Already have: The Space Odyssey Series The Rama Series The Mars Series (Red, Green, Blue) Contact I never read fiction before because the realism was lacking (the exception being The Hobbit and LOTR), but I've found I love hard sci-fi and can't find much of it.
  9. OH GOD! THEY'RE COMING RIGHT AT ME!! AAAAAAARGH-*fake static noises*
  10. Not sure if anybody is aware but I heard a while back that Neil DeGrasse-Tyson wants to make a "sequel" to Cosmos. Kind of an updated version to carry on the legacy of Carl Sagan. If anybody can pull it off I think it's him.
  11. I do play SOME other games (Portal, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Battlefield) but I only really play open world games. The more open, the better. I've clocked up over 1000 hours of game play on Fallout 3 (my HEAVILY modified version that increases re-playability 100000 times). Also love Just Cause 2, The GTA series (Ignoring the storyline and missions), KSP, Orbiter (heavily modified so I can build Lunar bases and stuff), Minecraft, Freelancer, Skyrim (got bored of the earlier games in TES series really quickly). What I find entertaining for one MAYBE two play-throughs are some storyline games: CoD (first game only) Half-Life (actually played through each game a bunch of times), Battlefield: Bad Company, etc. What I HATE are some of the games that claim to be open-world but all that means is that you can move backwards a little bit, or to the sides for a bit. The worst culprit: Crysis. I bought it after reading it was open world. Played it for 45 minutes, uninstalled it and looked for a way to get my money back. Also repetition games: Counter-Strike, CS clones.
  12. BTW, did anyone work out any of my hidden lyrical meanings? I always have meaning in my lyrics but I try to keep them fairly cryptic. So far I think I'm the only one that understand what the songs are about.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I'll bold up the midi part. lol. I actually agree a fair bit with what you're saying about my voice being too clean. I'm currently working on that for most of the songs. In fact, my band has put Avenues and Alleyways by Rancid on our playlist because it's a good song for me to practise a harsher voice on. Thanks again! I posted this on another forum too but considering my experience of that forum I'm not expecting too much help there XD
  14. I've been writing all the songs for my band since we started but I don't really have a background in song writing. I mainly use song writing to get my opinions out, but it would be good if I could actually write something that sounds entertaining. I've made a page at Reverb Nation under my name (rather than for my band) and recorded some vocals on top of midis I've written out for a few of our songs. Just looking for some opinions on them, which ones were better, etc. Songs: Burn (Rushed vocals) Ripped and Stoned (First song I wrote) Set Me Free (Palm muting in the guitar/drum section doesn't come up in this version) Start Again (Newest song I've written. Haven't yet written the bass line or guitar solo. Originally written for 2 guitars but I've removed the lead guitar line) Take It or Leave It (Slightly different style, written about Saturday nights in my home town. Seems to be a crowd favourite)
  15. I would guess (MUST HIGHLIGHT THIS IS A GUESS) that it's not possible. The gravitational forces wouldn't allow it. When the planets were first forming one planet would take precedence and the matter would flow to it. This would leave one large planet, and one smaller moon. Even if the moon was large enough to have a deep atmosphere, and it was sufficiently close for the larger body's atmosphere to join with it, the tidal forces would be so large as to cause damage to the moon and end up pulling it apart. Just a guess.