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  1. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, maybe they could try touching it down on water. I wouldn't risk damaging the barge if I was them, but then the stage is always aimed at the water in case the hoverslam fails.
  2. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Exactly. They got really good at building and landing their boosters. Pre-block 5 F9 was very reliable considering that it flew so often.
  3. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Recycling in what sense? Because I don't see recycling a stage after an in-flight abort test. Especially if the Dragon has to perform it during Max Q.
  4. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    AFAIK they don't have any block 4s left.
  5. Wjolcz

    Boring company

  6. Or maybe make science science. Not research points generators.
  7. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure it will use BFR too. Just for that extra margin of fuel. I'd rather be falling down in a fully fueled death trap than an empty one.
  8. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Won't they have to test it at Max Q? Unless the booster has some sort of nose cone on it the interstage will probably get ripped into pieces so they will either have to modify the first stage to handle that or perform extensive inspection afterwards to make sure it can fly again. Or just sacrifice that one booster. I'm sure they have that kind of money anyway. And since the stages are soon to be rapidly reused SpaceX will probably make up for that one in no time. Pretty sure this was the old plan. Using block 4 or 5 would probably be cheaper, easier and quicker than modifying it like that.
  9. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It's white now? Why does it keep changing colours? Couldn't BFR have at least some sort of escape pods/seats for the crew and passangers? That would probably make it safer than regular airliners. At least in an event of catastrophic failure. When an airliner crashes everybody dies. If BFR was about to crash it would shoot everybody out and then crash. It wouldn't be pleasant but better than certain death. Also, I just realized they don't have any block 5s left. In-flight abort test will have to be performed on a block 5 which probably means RIP that stage
  10. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I keep forgetting that having enough gimbal makes you fly however you want.
  11. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I've been wondering this myself. I only see 2 solutions (or one if you combine them): RCS and some sort of airbrakes on the nose being activated just after the reentry when the air is still not dense enough to counteract the flip manouvre + moving weight. Considering that most of the weight is on the bottom half of the spaceship it might as well stabilize itself well enough. Maybe the wings and split flaps are enough to keep it from stalling during reentry. Or maybe the flight profile will look like this: the ship reenters just like the shuttle did, dives and pulls up until it's going vertically up, let the gravity do the work and bring the ship back down then fire up the engines and land. I'm pretty sure exactly this is what is showed in their Martian landing simulation. Let me find it real quick. Edit: Yep. You can see it going down, gaining lift and then up again. I can imagine the final approach will probably be much steeper on Earth since the atmosphere is denser.
  12. Wjolcz

    DARPA selects Boeing to work on XS-1

    Not to derail this thread but I feel like the fuel tank issue was never solved because there never was a need for a cheap launcher like X-33. Now that the launch prices get lower and boosters are landing they will be more likely to spend a little more time and money on making sure the fuel tank works. And, yeah, composites have been around for a while now so the infrastructure shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  13. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There was an idea someone posted in this thread and it looked like a ballute around the engine. So I'm guessing it would reenter "nose" first. It would be interesting if instead of that the second stage had half of the interstage left on it (to protect the engine) and a pair of wings. Then the engine (assuming they modified the fuel tanks to deflate somehow) could be moved into the stage to control the center of mass. Maybe, just maybe they could land it on a runway that way. I doubt it will ever happen but I'd like to see that. I hope I'm not repeating myself.
  14. Wjolcz

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion thread

    Just went to see it again and I'm glad I did because I really enjoyed it the second time. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for westerns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I won't say L3 was a good character but IMO she wasn't terrible. The movie wouldn't be the same without her. I will be repeating myself but the actor playing Han really nailed it. You see him and the way he acts and talks and you know that's young Han Solo.
  15. Wjolcz

    The Gateway Foundation

    Its components would be 3D printed though. And there are only so many ways you can build a rotating space station. I like the idea. It depends on cheap space transport though. If BFR is successful it will be very likely to be built. All they would have to do is to set up the welding/3D printing factory and then just transport cheap components there.