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  1. I just googled 'soyuz success rate' and it was there without clicking any additional links. Works for most of the rockets, it seems. Edit: I just did that for F9 and it shows it's slightly more than Soyuz. Eh, who cares? Team humanity!
  2. Landing F9s is old and boring. Steel Starships are the new hotness.
  3. He's basically trying to become Weyland with all these companies and tech essential for off-world colonization and sustainability. Hyperloop: Mars' atmosphere is basically vacuum so high speed trains should be doable without any special tubes surrounding the track The Boring Company: for underground habitats Tesla: you need to get from place to place on the surface somehow but there's no gas there so EVs are the only option Tesla solar roofs: to power it all (and because getting your hands on a nuclear reactor is probably harder than producing 150t of solar panels) Starlink: to connect all of it together SpaceX: to transport all of it out there Edit: the only thing he needs to do now is to develop brain scanning tech so he can recreate them artificially and start building androids. Hmmm....
  4. Well, if we assume LEO tourism is a thing P2P is a matter of multiple landing sites. Besides, P2P is supposed to keep the reentry heat low while LEO tourism will be much more intense. So, at least imo, P2P is much more likely to happen before LEO tourism, assuming the ground infrastructure is sufficient. Now, I'm not saying P2P will become a thing in the near future (it has problems). I just think saying that it won't but LEO tourism will is a bit biased.
  5. So are those RCS thrusters an entirely new engine or did they borrow it from somewhere else? I'm guessing developing those was relatively trivial compared to Raptors since I don't recall Elon boasting about them apart from saying they are basically mini Raptors.
  6. Man, those birds and bees with UV vision sure do know how to paint and have great fashion designers.
  7. LOP-G is meant to be international. That's what I was referring to.
  8. Shipping a nuke to an international station (so I'm guessing other nations are in on the conspiracy against whoever else is left down there on Earth) with an already overweight spaceship like Orion, which can barely get there btw, makes SLS without any missions at all look shockingly sensible.
  9. Maybe it's easier to remate it when the top part weighs less. After all, they need to put the batteries and other stuff in there so it makes sense to me to lower the risk of something going wrong. At the same time I don't doubt the crane could lift the whole thing assembled, but splitting the work into several tasks is probably wiser.
  10. I still can't believe Starship is actually going to happen. It's just so surreal that a huge steel construction is going to fly.
  11. More like the eighties, when the shuttle was still flying. Fourth*. I'm pretty sure I saw a photo of the first ring of the fourth prototype in a tent in BC somewhere on Teslarati.