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  1. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    @5thHorseman it's the complete opposite for me. When I started playing the game there was no career mode either and when it came it was too restrictive so I ended up never finishing it because of how silly and illogical the tree was. I still launch the game for the pure sandbox experience though. The tree could be redesigned in a way it could still serve as a tutorial (except a much better one) AND allow "veteran" players for more flexibility. It all depends on setting the science rewards right and trying out the Historical Tech Tree mod yourself. @5thHorseman you've said: but maybe it's time to come out of your comfort zone. You have to at least take a look at it to understand my point of view. If you don't then continuing any discussion in this thread is pointless. Unless we want to just keep this thread going with some of us having 1 point of reference (stock) and some of us having multiple (stock and modded). But maybe having just one is enough to know what's best for new and veteran players after all.
  2. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    They aren't. That's the point of having one node branching out early on into all other "themes". Just the way it is in the Historical Progression Tech Tree mod.* *I AM NOT saying KSP's tree should be historical! All I'm saying is the tree should look like it does in that mod. Writing everything in this thread I had exactly this in mind all the time. I have gone to sandbox many times myself, to test out parts and concepts to later unlock the nodes I needed. Unsurprisingly, I had to half-ass most of my designs anyway because of how the tree progresses. IMO sandbox mode serves the role of a tutorial in this game and that's why the tree shouldn't.
  3. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    Because career mode is so poorly designed there's nothing else left to do.
  4. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    That's just what I think should be done to the tree. It's an opinion. If "open mind" is synonymous to "more meaningless tweaks" then yeah, I don't have an open mind.
  5. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    Not going to talk about grammar since English isn't even my first language and this isn't the point of this thread. However, all I'm going to say is that treating new players like babies that can't make their own decisions is just disrespectful. That's not even close to what I think. I think the tree should branch off right after the first node and all the branches should be linear and themed (wings with wings, jet engines with jet engines, probes with probes, etc.). I'm not going to explain how exactly that would work because there's a mod that does just that and it's logical, and not overwhelming at all. So apparently as a "veteran" I'm not allowed to say what I think and should be forced to "enjoy" the game by playing through the tutorial tree each time I want to start a career save. Thanks. As a "veteran" of this game I really needed a walkthrough of the stock tree. I'll make sure the next time I play the game I'll follow this guide. And again, treating new players like indecisive babies. Also, dumbing my argument down like that is a really bad strategy because I didn't say any of that, nor do I think it should work like that. Tweaks never were and never will be enough to fix it. Well, yeah, as long as you treat new players like idiots there's no problem with that, I guess. [source needed] And here's the tutorial argument again. Actual tutorials should show new players what's what. Otherwise they are just a waste of developers' time since you are held by the hand in the main part of the game anyway.
  6. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    Aaaaand back to this again. The ultimate shutdown argument. Let's not change anything. A good game should be replayable. KSP is good as a sandbox which makes it replayable (thus a good-ish game). But career seems to be just another tutorial. Seems like a lot of tutorials for one game. inb4 "because it's hard!"
  7. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    No. It's not about realism. It's about logic. Logic doesn't always equal realism. Oh, so it's the "tutorial" argument again. Being forced to play tutorials each time you start a game from scratch is such a great experience, isn't it? Everyone loves tutorials. Unskippable tutorials are the best part of the game. Let's use the main part of the game as a turorial and force people to either play it or mod it. Yeah, that's fun. Spoiler/sarcasm alert: it's not a tutorial. It's just badly designed. It's crazy how people get used to flawed design so much they start thinking it's meant to be that way. Career mode was not thought through very well. You thinking that it's great the way it is won't make it more enjoyable for others.
  8. My main problem with the whole exploration aspect is the way scientific "discoveries" are made. Except they aren't because all the scientific instruments aren't even what their name suggests. They are just tech currency generators. Instead, they should generate actual data with graphs and stuff like that. And before any of you guys quotes me and goes full "but how would you unlock the tech tree if science instruments lost their ability to generate science points?": There are dozens of ways to make career work and most of them are way better than what SQUAD had come up with. I've talked about it so much I'm not answering anyone who quotes this post.
  9. Wjolcz

    More science experiments

    The whole science points system and the fact that they are being used as tech currency is fundamentally broken and very hard to set up in a way it's actually balanced and fun to play with. "Gathering" (more like generating) has always been more of a chore for me. I wouldn't mind having actual telescopes, magnetometers and all the other stuff collecting actual data in a form of charts. But as long as they are tech token generators there's no real point in having any more of them.
  10. Wjolcz

    Logical tech tree

    Yeah, this has been discussed a lot in the past and afaik SQUAD doesn't have the will to change any of the career mode elements. IMO the tree should be themed so each path/branch would consist of the same type of parts (wings with wings, engines with engines, elcetricity with elecreicity, etc.) and either have multiple starts or branch off right away. There was that one mode that did just this and it was great. Realistic Tech Tree or something? Edit:
  11. Wjolcz

    Too much money

    Probably not. There are so many ways career mode could've been better. We've discussed it so many times now I don't even feel the motivation to do so anymore *sigh*
  12. Wjolcz

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That doesn't mean thay can't be eaten. AFAIK eating insects is quite popular in Asia.
  13. Wjolcz

    Inflatable heat shields

    I was thinking more about whatever comes after Vulcan. They will probably have to figure something out eventually.
  14. Wjolcz

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    What's ICPS?
  15. Wjolcz

    Inflatable heat shields

    I really wouldn't be surprised if they ditched the whole idea and just went for the whole stage recovery in a couple of years.