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  1. Can you entangle only two photons? What if we keep splitting photons into smaller, less energetic ones? Is it possible to split one photon and create three, or moee entangled photons (pretty sure the answer to this is no, but asking anyway)?
  2. No. It's not allowed. You can't know.
  3. Now this is a thread I want to post in. One thing Elite taught me is that having limpets helps a lot. You could probably grab anything from the ship without ever touching, seeing or getting anywhere close to it. Just send a drone, fill up your cargo, worry about contamination later (you could probably scrap the cargo section or the whole ship if treasures were precious enough). When it comes to the crew, even on the ISS you could end up with some nasty bacteria, fungi or viruses (especially if the journey is long). Although the smaller the crew the less likely it is to happen. If you ever happen to encounter a ship like that the crew are either all dead or they beat the disease long time ago.
  4. Gateway Foundation wants to build O'Neill cylinders and do just that. I don't think they will though. I also think I will be very old when I see the first one.
  5. Is it really better to launch without stowing the flaps? Seems like they could minimize the aerodynamic load by keeping them close to the hull. I guess one reason not to do that would be because stowed aero surfaces can induce torque, so it's better to keep the whole thing symmetrical. Kind of how front ailerons canards can make a plane pitch up.
  6. As if we were living in a space age, or something.
  7. Who is @dlr? I just clicked it and it's some random person on twitter, lol.
  8. Been 8 months since this was posted (I only discovered it recently). Not sure if there's some other thread where this would fit better.
  9. What's the hold-up then? If it's there then why won't they just put it together and launch already?
  10. Why would it need to deliver more? The crew of whatever is put in the lunar orbit probably won't be any bigger than the one on ISS.
  11. I love that source! It's my favourite!
  12. What really boggles my mind is how can there by anyone still defending this rocket. I remember a couple of years back when I thought SLS was needed for one mission and that was the Europa Clipper. However, newer and cheaper ways to launch payloads are coming along and SLS starts looking like a rocket designed and built 40 years too late.
  13. Soon, we won't be counting them at all. Edit: Oh, whoops. Somebody posted this already.
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