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  1. So since F9 boosters have been landed and reused so many times I'm assuming the Starship booster will be the easy part of the whole system. They just need the engines.
  2. That square hole in the side looks hella ugly (and dangerous as it's a square). They will probably weld a plate on the inside, or something.
  3. Looks like they are (presumably) welding something on the bigger part of the tank right now. But it's attached to the crane, so maybe?
  4. What's with the "the ship can blink BUT needs realistic engines"? If you're writing a sci-fi book with these kind of rules you might as well go all Harry Potter magic rules which is just... no rules.
  5. If water towers can fly... ...then why not silos?
  6. There are also those 2 rings stacked in the video, unless that's the part they cut the holes in.
  7. Woah. These look so much nicer than Mk1. And a lot of them too!
  8. Besides, that one thing is not allowed for obvious reasons.
  9. There are already people doing most of those things in zero G right now. I'd imagine most of the problems have already been solved.
  10. Even though I will probably never fly on one of those (unless Starship somehow gets super cheap) I think it's very cool. Also, if the overview effect is real then we might see some very positive things happen done by people who can actually afford to make them happen.
  11. Launching stuff from the Mun makes sense when you can build and/or refuel there (though the refuelling part really depends on the design). IRL it actually makes sense because launching stuff off the surface can be done with minimal effort and fuel (or even no fuel if we assume maglev is possible) as you don't need to power through all the air on your way up and then care about orbital decay due to drag (though the Moon has its orbital problems too). Whenever I do interplanetary in KSP I start building in LKO (160km). It's simply much easier that way and KSP is much more forgiving than real life when it comes to orbital speeds and fuels.
  12. When is the second stage deorbit burn scheduled for? Asking because I just saw some pulsating flashes on the horizon, used Heavens Above to look up what's there and it showed me Falcon 9 Deb. Was I lucky or was it just a plane?