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  1. Kindle says 47% of the way through as of last night, and I have to say this first bit has been really excellent. I've talked to a lot of people who have said roughly the same thing. The first 2/3 of the book is the exact kind of awesome hard sci-fi book that I'm loving right now. The last 1/3 is a thought experiment set 5000 years in the future that actually detracts from the awesomeness of the book and almost would have been better as a sequel. I would have read 1000 pages of just this near future story. I want to capture an asteroid and build a huge complex in orbit. edit: Oh and check out the illustrations on the inside of the endpapers if you pickup the hard cover. They're gorgeous.
  2. Yes, I played the Beta and I really enjoyed it. I have played every Bungie game since Myth the Fallen Lords and haven't been let down yet. Its Science Fiction with a bit of fantasy mixed in. Its got good shooting controls. I like the co-op aspects.
  3. Kerberos is the 3 headed dog that guards the gates to the Underworld in classic Greek mythology. Pluto and all of it's satellites revolve around names from the Greek Underworld. Aside from that, it is a world that has a Kerbal feel.
  4. Hmmm..... air - I was in the Air Force at the time. 805 - my parent's old area code ronin - I was in the Air Force, stationed in Japan. It made sense at the time. This is the part of my email address that always trips up call center personnel.
  5. I've made 4 ships. I started slow, just getting to orbit and had roughly $110,000 doing basic test missions while unlocking some science nodes. I think I did something like 10 contracts in the first day of game time, culminating in getting to orbit. Did a big 4 contract missions to land on the Mun. Jumped from $110k to $270k. My Mun-capable rocket costs roughly 50k a shot. I had a rather bad failed mission which dropped me down to $220k. Then I did a nice mission back to the Mun for science, planting a flag, and getting back. Jumped to $510k. I just did a big mission to Minmus, clearing a couple contracts and getting up to about $700k. I don't think its too hard to make money, but at the same time it seems you have to be consistently making new milestones. Failures can put a pretty big dent in your budget. Which can be a bit realistic. Meters versus feet and all that.
  6. I think the update is great and largely the contracts have been great. That said, I have experience a few bugs and a few quirks. 1. "Impossible contracts" I haven't seen a clamp contract on another body yet, but I have seen plenty involving testing something during flight or while splashed down. While none of these are impossible, testing some of them will be too expensive for the small return unless you can somehow build it into your next big mission. 2. Because of the low payment on many testing contracts, I usually don't take them. The only time I take them is while they need to be testing landed on the pad. 3. I had one really annoying bug quicksaving with Jeb on EVA on Minmus. When I'd reload the save, he's suddenly be mid jump and impact with Minmus and die. It was really annoying. I had installed hyperedit last update and was able to use it to quickly reload, pause, teleport him to the pod before he died. The only way I could do this stock would have been editing the quicksave file. 4. I had another slightly annoying bug where my right mousebutton stopped working for anything while playing KSP and stayed that way the whole time KSP was up. With respect, I think its silly to rage quit over it. This was a huge update altering a lot. There will be some polishing that will kill some of the kinks. We're rushing towards a feature complete game. By my count, multiplayer is one of the things on that list. I promise there will be some bugs to that... Now I need to figure out how to submit a bug report again, its been a while.
  7. I can't wait to do some contracts. As a former Government contractor I want to be in the middle of building something and have the contract yanked out from underneath me or changed. It really adds a level of suspense to the game.
  8. For its time, The Worst Holiday by Abyssal Lurker is the top of my list.
  9. If my ISP would give my little Midwestern suburb more than 1 meg uplink, I would probably stream every night. As it is, when I try streaming from the xbox it reminds me in the worst way why I can't stream. delays, graphical issues, and more just dishearten me.
  10. If I were looking into buying the game, I likely wouldn't find this review very valuable in making my decisions. It jumps around a lot, has few details, and largely leaves me with no more information than when I went in. I'm assuming since you posted here I could give you are ok with some feedback. here is some more detail. Kerbin isn't Earth. Confusing - pointless critique Full funding. Waiting 3 years - sucks, right? Welcome to early access. Your pro's also don't have much to do with the actual game and whether it is worth buying. In the end your review has very few concrete details and doesn't answer the key idea behind a game review. What is the game? How do you play it? What is good about it? What is bad about it? Would you recommend someone buy it?
  11. I wish I could see it but photobucket has said your images are too popular for me. I'm really interested in doing this myself and I love inspiration.
  12. If you know the inclination ahead of time thanks to the tracking station, I'm sure you can take off and be pretty close to the right inclination and then adjust. Especially if you set them as a target before take off. They said early missions are scripted, so they're trying to get you to master some different concepts early it would seem.
  13. I roll with a Tallarn Imperial Guard army. They are the desert guys. Everyone is a little shocked when I throw out 1000 points of Tallarn foot troopers and then modern vehicles to round out to 1850.
  14. When I wanted to get stuff cheap or even better trade things I don't need for it, I used Bartertown (google it). Being a new guy you'll have to get acquainted with the rules, and you'll be shipping or paying before seeing your stuff. For the most part through the community is great and I found I always had minis to trade and people usually wanted them.