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  1. Super Sonic Flying Wing. Craft V1; http://imgur.com/a/U1rtn Craft V2; http://imgur.com/a/wCXFm
  2. OT; That feeling when you pay $1000 on computer parts to play a game you payed 7 dollars for and it still lags in places. Does it need optimization now? No. Later? Yes.
  3. While I will say, this is a very nice a attempt at something other then a part or plugin; it feels like this mod wasn't "MADE" for KSP. I feel like it needs more testing though. I do see this getting better later on.
  4. Windows 7 64 bit AMD FX 4100 (Quad Core) 4.2Ghz 16gb RAM Geforce GTX 560 Trust me, I even get lag, but that's only during loading. They should be adding loading screens in one or another update if I'm correct; but that is a long ways off.
  5. A direct intercept would require a bigger rocker and more fuel. It's more efficient to do interplanetary orbits around Kerbol, like you would from Kerbin to the Mun.
  6. Really, password? Really? I don\'t thank there\'s much else to be said about that.
  7. 'Watch out, we got a badass over here!' Also, the pictures you just posted, those are really unneeded.
  8. Launch and land it without being mod reliant, then talk. It\'s much cooler if you can do it by hand then by computer.
  9. I\'m 16 and know what M*A*S*H is, does that make me old?
  10. Why are you making it have drag when it\'s closed? That doesn\'t make sense at all, can you/we change it?
  11. I might as well say thank you for that. For the most part, this project is DEAD. I will try to keep the links up as long as possible.
  12. Dalfite can be as cynical as he wants, and good on you for being interested.
  13. Omg, the patcher has a progress bar.
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