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  1. Not from a work PC. Are you on the support or development team? It seems like there's several similar unresolved bugs on the bugtracker for this issue from Win10 to Linux to OSX. Apparently there's a lot of crashing in 1.1 x64, fortunately x86 still works.
  2. I did a clean graphics drivers install before posting here. x86 version runs just fine, incidentally. The crash happens instantly upon running the .exe. I am not using the Steam version of the game and downloaded the game files directly from the store then ran the patcher to ensure I have the absolute latest version of the game files. If I provide a dxdiag will someone actually provide some support for the program?
  3. Win 10 64 Intel i7 5820 GTX 780 (latest driver 3/28/16) I take it x64 is just still horribly unstable?
  4. Thank you for saving us math-impaired folks from ourselves. This is the best tool yet made for KSP. If people consider MechJeb "cheating" then your calculator is the KSP equivalent of the mafia bribing the referee of a football game so their bets pay off. Thank you, again!
  5. Some combination of the two might be even more fun. Need to park a large solar array in a collection zone.
  6. Thanks for the hard work. This mod is absolutely mandatory for large stations. I hope that Squad adds similar functionality for crew transfer between pods/modules into the game properly.
  7. Glad to see you guys collaborating! Thanks for all the hard work, this is mod simply indispensable at this point.
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