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  1. KD3

    Speedtest Thread 2

    I don't think mine is too bad. Could be better though.
  2. KD3

    Incoming Pewdiepie!...?

    Although it would do good for sales. I think the community would turn into something like what the Minecraft community became.
  3. KD3

    How famous are you?

    1/10 I think I've seen you somewhere.
  4. KD3

    What else you playing

    I've been playing: KSP Crusader Kings II Europa Universalis IV Euro Truck Simulator 2 Starbound The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Battlefield 4 Battlefield 2. All on PC
  5. KD3

    The Other Games Screenshot Thread

    Some of my favourite screenshots that I have taken from different games. From Arma 3: From Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod: From Total War: Rome II From Skyrim:
  6. KD3

    The Grand 0.23 Discussion Thread

    SSTO isn't going well....
  7. KD3

    The Grand 0.23 Discussion Thread

    Currently working on a Skylon inspired SSTO. Love the new update so far.
  8. I haven't even got it yet I have terrible download speed.
  9. KD3

    0.23 Waiting Room!

    Damn you. Why do you do this to me
  10. KD3

    pewdiepie wanna play KSP!!

    This is the end. Bye everyone I'm off to my bunker.
  11. KD3

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BbZhM4TCMAA7D24.jpg:large It's a pie lol
  12. KD3

    Highlad's Art - Taking Requests

    That looks great. Got a new desktop background. Nice work
  13. KD3

    Highlad's Art - Taking Requests

    I don't suppose you could do something like this?:
  14. KD3

    I have a theory on something...