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  1. Good thing I was snooping around as I was about ask about the TARDIS. *Sits down to wait patiently.*
  2. Yes, but it's the only way I've been able to get the second stage to go up instead of down. Everything above it is HEAVY(I'm overkilling a little by having the Saturn V first stage tank still in place, without it, I'd be gold.), and I've yet to find a way to get it to work otherwise.
  3. Yup, it was definitely clipping causing my problems. My problem with falling back down was putting the M1 in the wrong place... At least for the way I had my stack set up. My stack is now 9 F1s, one 7.75 tank, 4 F1s on the 5x J2 mount, Saturn V first Stage tank, M1 on 5x J mount, Saturn V second Stage tank, J2, Saturn V third stage tank, Apollo CSM. On the second stage, you'll lose a lot of speed, but you'll pick it back up after a few seconds. I haven't actually tested its range, but it will definitely go SOMEWHERE. It MIGHT be able to push the LEM to Ike... Not sure... I'm positive it'll
  4. I'll try that! It worked perfectly fine with the 5 J2s that it would normally have. It happens to me on about 2/3rds of the flights. Sometimes, they don't blow up, most times they do. I need to find a better way...
  5. Ah, ok. I kept F1s in the second stage, used four mounted to the 5x J2 mounting plate, there was a wee bit of clipping, but it worked. And I had the M1 up where the J2s would be on a normal Saturn V(on the 5x J2 plate as well)...which is the second stage on a Saturn V and the third on my design. I got through the first two stages nicely...something like 20km+ I think, might have been higher, that second stage burns a LONG time. Went to ignite the third stage...random separation of everything(no explosions, just everything flying apart. I had the CSM intact as well as the fairings below it. De
  6. I think I messed up my wording.... From the ground up, it's the F-1s, Nova mounting plate, Nova tank, Nova decoupler fairing, M-1, mounting plate, fuel tank, from there, it's the premade Saturn V just without the lower Saturn V bits that were replace by the Nova construction stuff. Visually, it's like your pic from post #3061. Is there supposed to be something with not as much fuel, or....???
  7. Can someone explain what I've done wrong assembling the Nova? I took the existing premade Saturn V, and changed out the F-1s with an M-1 and then added the decoupler adapter, tank, mounting plate and the F-1s. The rocket takes off on a slight pitch and upon first stage separation, I lose all my speed, the M-1 isn't putting out enough thrust to keep me going upwards, I fall back down... It's got to be an error in construction on my end...
  8. Well, I just sadfaced... Really wanted that engine... The only addon IVA I've actually looked at is the Gemini and that was just because of the sandwich...which to this day is still hilarious.
  9. M-1... This bit added because otherwise this post would be too short.
  10. Far left because it actually looks like the F1. The other two remind of the F1-B...
  11. I go away for a bit then come back to find out that the guy who brought us Gemini is gonna do Apollo parts? Oh! Happy day!
  12. Created two new installs to run three versions of the game to accommodate all the mods I want to use. I'm now trying to figure out how to sort them. 22 Add-ons and plugins. I have a problem.
  13. Nice! I've been looking for a stock-alike 2 man pod for ages.
  14. You'll have to use an image hosting website like imgur.
  15. I'm assuming that the life support can be gotten rid of by a simple .cfg edit if I don't want my immersion to be that deep?
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