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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. Had a feeling this would work, but didn't try it myself. Glad I keep all versions and settings forever But feature is still missing and would be very nice to have.
  2. This is a great idea and a great visualisation. This would be so useful! I know we can do anything by using the navball but it would be much better to be able to easily orient by just looking at our ship. Sometimes, even though I know I should be looking at navball I do something stupid and crash instead of landing because of looking at the ship and "knowing" where it would move when I press "D"... I think this is one of the best suggestions I've seen. Maybe this post should go or be linked to from Addons Request and Support subforum? Maybe some clever modder would do this for us and glory of whole Kerbalkind?
  3. What about the other part of my post (xbox pad or other controller)? Printouts won't help, wiki won't help - you just have to set axis sensitivity by trial and error basically (I always decrease it at start but it requires few iterations to get it right). It is annoying as we have to do it every version. I ususally use pad only when I get bored with rockets and I'm bad in building planes so I don't do this often. I play like 3 hours with planes every version so I don't remember my pad configuration easily and half of time "flying" is actually fine tuning the controls which is tedious. Because of it I don't even bother to configure my controller for Kerbals or Rovers. Flying planes with keyboard is no fun compared to flying with a pad so I think we're missing a lot here as this process pushes me off from playing with planes.
  4. Hi, I'd like to suggest a feature to be able to alter input settings in game. It is quite tedious when: 1) You're learning the game and want a fast way to see buttons mapping or change it 2) You've just plugged in a controller and want to configure it - right now you have to do it from scratch and of course it is hard to do all perfectly it in one shot. Getting back to main menu just to change axis sensitivity "a little" or remap a button seems pointless. Have this occurred to any of you? It irritates me every version when I finally start building planes and plug in my xbox controller. Would be nice to see this in some future version.
  5. I agree with blizzy78 and JSD. I would just appreciate some more information about the development - and of course I wouldn't mind if it were "We are all taking a Christmas break for 3 weeks". I really wouldn't as I was myself on leave for about two weeks at the time. I asked this question because I thought it was always like a week or two when we got some info about plans for next update. I don't follow every possible news channel so that's why asked here. Also it seems that some people are almost offended by this question, which I don't undestand. I don't demand anything from the Squad, I know they are doing good job, I don't mind their pace and I like their "it's out when it's ready" approach. Thanks for all your answers.
  6. Yea, I'll wait as we all do. Just wanted to know if I maybe missed something and I'm really anxious to know what are the devs planning. I'm not trying to rush anything or complain. Relax. End of story. Thanks.
  7. Hi, is there any official info about 0.24? It's been a while since 0.23 and I cannot see any announcements about the next version - be it wiki or daily kerbal or dev blogs. Also cannot see discussion in the forums. Anyone knows anything - I mean what's coming in the next version? (I'm not asking about the release date, so please don't be angry )
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