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  1. -5:08just thought i would like to share
  2. yea i do PM me an email address and i will send you a zip file of it
  3. It was August 2011 when I first discovered kerbal space program. I was browsing an indie forum and happened upon a post describing a rocket building simulation game that I could play for free. I quickly googled KSP and my first hit was "Kentucky State police" realising that probably wasnt what i wanted i typed in the full name found what i wanted and downloaded the game which was less then 300mb at the time. The game seemed interesting there were few parts and even fewer instructions. That is the world of 0.7the Features were limited. There was no moon nor other planets. The sun was only a point of light that no matter how fast or long you travelled would never ever come any closer. Time warp? Forget it. Moving parts? Forget it. Lights, runways, wheels, Iva, Eva? Forget all of them. There was no maps no orbital information other then vertical speed and horizontal speed. The atmosphere was as thick as soup and you couldn't find out if you were orbiting until you waited the 20 so minutes it took to complete a full low orbit rotation? And if you only managed half an orbit your 3 kerbals were doomed for if they touched the dark side of the non revolving kerbin they would surely spontaneously combust What parts did we have? That's easy. A cockpit, winglets, standard fuel part,a few structural parts,the sas, a single kind of engine, radial a decoupler, a horizontal decoupler and of course the infamous solid rocket booster The competition back in the day was just to reach space. I spent hours designing and creating ships after ship with the standard modules available.we had to be carefull tho.. With the lack of struts any launch could be deadly........ Ships suffered from jelly fish wobbles where the different parts would sway and wobble as they had been unrestrained. It was an interesting time and the game has come a long way since then. I have a screen shot somewhere of one of my largest ships which used something like 60 SRB's for its first stage
  4. Far out. your making want to open the old EV nova and play it again. Good work i'm defs gonna give this bad boy a shot
  5. isnt that a surface to surface rocket?
  6. After testing Mothership two Pod system has been proved and launch is about to commence. (also as a sub note the Ship is being renamed to Mothership Comsat) Photo\'s of launch will be posted below First photo During ascent- Ascent engines still attached beginning gravity turn Throwing away ascent engines as to avoid clutter
  7. Hey guys. So i have started a new project of mine and that is the establishment of a moon base. The first Part of the journey is to find a Place suitable for landing So what i have created with the Aid of the Com sat mod/Carts/Bigtrack/eagle 1999/ and mechjeb is a mother ship which drops baby Ships. ( which are controllable by the player) Mother ship 1 has been scrapped due to Engine Malfunctions, Mother ship 2 will commence shortly Engines of landers are back online. Descent is underway Massive flaw in both MS 1 & 2 landers has been found. MS 3 is under constuction here is documentation of mothership 1 During accent Ready to drop search pods The Issue is that The Smaller Craft engines are not firing. which means that i need to place a decoupler on them so that the engines are activated when i activate the stage I will include more shots as i get nearer to Dropping the smaller craft
  8. im wondering if i could be added to the list please
  9. Very Nice man I love it when i see another stock enthusiast The largest i ever made was this bad boy http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=78.msg17019#msg17019 Sadly it was only ever launched once (every other time crashed the computer) if you try and download the craft file you will be sad to know that its an old .craft file 0.9 i think (wayyy before fuel lines, Vectured Thrust, ASAS and RCS)
  10. mmm i think they should make a separate section for Plugins. The Project release forum is already Cluttered as it is