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  1. Hey guys. I started a new Real Solar System career run a while back, and as the episodes have started to accumulate it's probably time to post the playlist here
  2. Wow, that looks awesome! Too bad I'm stuck on 0.24 for the moment. Oh well, bookmarked!
  3. Hey guys, finally back with a new series. This time, instead of focusing on making things hard like last time, it's all about having fun and playing with cool tools. First episode is a bit slow as I get familiar with the contracts system and go through the first few missions to get our space program off the ground.
  4. Will there be any problems upgrading from the 0.24.2 experimental build to the official version later on? Considering adding KSPI to my next series, but I'm still on the fence as I will begin recording very soon.
  5. If I were to start a game with the experimental build, can I be certain that the save will survive an upgrade when the full update is done, or should I wait? I wanna do my next series with Interstellar as a part of it, but I'm really itching to get started
  6. I jumped into this one blind, which hopefully will explain the resulting chaos. Fun little experiment.
  7. There's a mod that makes it much easier to keep track of the fuel levels in bigger crafts. Check out the TAC Fuel Balancer mod
  8. Hey guys. I started doing semi-regular KSP streams again, and will be doing at least one stream per week for the foreseeable future. This stream series will focus on 0.23 career mode. Videos from the first two streams: Follow me at http://twitch.tv/larsmaehlum or on http://twitter.com/maehlum to receive notifications when I start streaming. Hope to see you there next time
  9. Commenting here so I remember to try this during the weekend. Will upload video if everything goes as planned
  10. Welcome. Stations are always fun. But yeah, imgur
  11. Welcome. I hope your coming adventures goes well, and that you can conquer more celestial bodies:)
  12. A craft type system would be really cool. With independently named subassemblies retaining their name, so you can see that the Saturn 5 launch X took Apollo 10 to orbit. But first, contracts and money please. And more performance tweaks.
  13. Very cool name, truly Kerbal in spirit. Welcome
  14. Check out the KSP Fan Works sub forum
  15. Welcome! Good luck with your missions, and enjoy your stay
  16. It will probably be released late tonight for us close to GMT, like it was the last time. Can't wait though
  17. Welcome from a fellow KSP YouTuber
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