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  1. Dude, what's that ring on the HMS Sinclair made out of? Looks awesome! EDIT: Nevermind! Spent the better part of the day playing around in build and came up with my own awesome version. If I end up posting it I'll definitely have to credit you for the inspiration. And to everyone else, my god you people are all giving me such awesome ideas! Great work!
  2. My god...and I thought I'd spend my day off tomorrow cleaning the house. Sorry house, looks like you got at least another week of waiting!
  3. Ahh, I see...that sucks. Thanks though, glad to at least see it's not my fault! Going to have to look for that mod now if it still exists...
  4. So I've been having an issue where when I extend the giant panels, then move control to another ship or something outside render distance, when I come back, the panels say they're extended, but visibly look retracted. To get them back to normal, I have to completely retract them and extend them again, which as you know, takes a bit. There are two other parts from a different mod that have the same issue, so it's most likely something on my end...but just wanted to let you know. And keeping my fingers crossed that you might know what I can do to fix it. I friggin' LOVE the way my station looks with your panels and would love to leave them extended at all times.
  5. This's my baby, the J.L.M.P.S.S. Mk2 (Jeb-Lifted Multi-Purpose Space Station), or Zeus for short. I suppose this's also kinda my introduction to the forums as well...don't remember ever posting anything before. So um...hello, awesome KSP community whom I've been creepily lurking around and watching forever! Full description and lotsa shiny pics can be found here. ---->