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  1. Hello Just had a very odd thing happen, we just had a power cut and my pc went off (ofc) Well, i went back in to KSP and its said you have incompatible/invalid saves on your folder, options to delete or not now. so i backed up the folder and said yes to delete, it wiped out all my ships and progress it also deleted the backup (why? although it was in the same directory) as well. i managed to recover from a windows backup but still weeks of progress have been lost. lucky i moved some ships to sandbox for testing, so its not everything is lost, just nearly everything. the save folder is also missing the the ships, VHB SPH etc folders I am a IT person, so i don't think its hardware related, please help i was just about to send loads of things to Eve and all my builds have gone. Thanks
  2. Defo mods causing the issue, i copied over my save folder and the mods i use the most kw rockets, kerbal alarm, scansat, mech jeb and navy fish docking port to the new install and left the others behind and the game still works correctly. difficult to say which one caused the issue, but i did have a few old ones, next to test is hyper edit
  3. Hi, Have a similar issue, cannot launch or exit from the plane hanger or VAB, so i backed everything up, deleted the ksp folder content and did a fresh install. all working again, i think it might be mods. i will continue to investigate.
  4. Yes, i have this bug to, i also cannot launch either, which kinda spoils the whole point of the game