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  1. Does anybody know how to fix a RichED20.dll error? Here are screenshots. It was working before, a couple weeks ago, and i tried to use it again. I am on windows 10, and have been for months. https://gyazo.com/826ee92ee39133d995fe96089750b7c5 https://gyazo.com/5094776319ca7dd72f34bb88a4736d7d
  2. Is physics range extended with this mod, or do I have to get another mod to extend it?
  3. How long would our non-hardened equipment survive in LEO, if not very long, we would need to make getting rad-hardening a priority.
  4. We can't expect to have funds fall from the sky on our kickstarter, we have to aim low to see if we can pull it off, then expand to greater things. We should aim for a 1U cubesat in LEO with nothing more than an instrument or 2 and probably a toothpick KSP flag, We cant expect to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, we should aim low and if we get more money than we thought we would we could use the larger missions as a stretch goal instead of trying to aim for complicated missions when we don't even have a concrete plan and kickstarter money doesn't from the sky. We just need to stick a box with a toothpick flag and some batteries in LEO, not a complicated mission with ion engines and the like. Maybe a small camera that might even be B&W.
  5. I am trying to download the procedural fairings mod from github, is it down?, if it is are there any other fairing mods or places i can get procedural fairings/ any fairings.
  6. Wow, never expected this thread to explode like this, i am updating the main post.
  7. KSP Store is dead. In other news, scientists have found that Earth orbits the Sun.
  8. Is the MSI Twin Frozr 7850 anygood? It looks like it is a steal for $110 dollars!
  9. That appears to be piano, is there a trumpet version floating around the internet somewhere? I don't mind if it is a little off.
  10. Are you able to release the sheet music for the KSP Theme Song, i would love to play it on my trumpet! For clarification, this right here:
  11. Don't Worry, there is a mod for multiplayer that actually is confirmed to work, it is unstable, but it is good fun!
  12. It doesn't matter, next there will be a kerbal for every minorirty, we got mexican kerbal, we got dark kerbal, we got asian kerbal, we got european kerbal, we got italian kerbal, so on a so forth. You don't see every minority come up to KSP and say for example, "Why aren't there kerbals that look like (insert minority here)!" It is just a waste of developer time that could be used to add actual features, this is why things get pushed back and then when updates like this come out it is like WAAAAAAA! NOTHING BUT COSMETIC UPDATE WAAAAAA! (whining in entitled voice) I would rather have the devs work on the models for something like resources then have them waste time making models for female kerbals.
  13. I see what you are seeing about aeroplanes, but if you set your trim right on stock KSP, you can go away until it gets there. Also, in real life pilots don't sleep during a flight at all because autopilots can fail, and the do. A lot.
  14. Except that the KSP-devs can do something about it. Optimization so their game uses as little of the single core and 3.6 gb of ram as it can. Getting a new computer won't fix anything about it. If a computer can't run on a $500 or less prebuilt, it is too taxing for it to be sucessful.
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