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  1. Does the radial engine body in ksp not actually cool engines like it says it does?
  2. If you could cryogenically freeze yourself and awaken in the future like Fry, how long would you freeze yourself for? You only get one.
  3. Why? We'd have warp drives by now if you put the total military spending in the last 50 years into nasa during that same period.
  4. Because it makes sense to us and converting everything would be a real pain in the behind.
  5. Totally agreed, NASAFanboy. Let's reverse the US military and NASA's budget.
  6. The only problem with your argument is that everyone still drives above the speed limit. It's a normal thing to do. They're set too low in many cases. Want an example that bothers me daily on my way to work? This road used to be a 50mph speed limit. Now it is set to 25mph for no reason at all. The only reason it's set so low is so that the police can give tickets. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=47.284076,-122.259274&num=1&t=h&z=16 See? Straight, next to a freeway, and it continues south for the entire length at 25mph, which takes forever now. You might say that I should just go 25.
  7. Read my stabilization post above. Also, you can always use the remote in your pocket to increase your lucidity. Or eat the pills in your other pocket. Have you tried voice commands?
  8. As long as you're not the guy going 60 while everyone else is going 80 and having to swerve around you, do whatever you want. Speed limits have their place but a 90 degree summer day is not the place to go slow, especially when the speed limits were designed 50 years ago for cars much less capable than the ones commonly on the road today. Maybe after you get off your Ls and have more experience you will come to see that this is the case. I live in the US, where we don't have any graduated licensing and everyone speeds. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a slow car on a n
  9. That's because you get excited when you realize it's a dream. You will gain control of it over time. I find that meditating in dreams makes them incredibly vivid. Do the sohum meditation style, with the criss cross applesauce legs and all.
  10. Glad I decided to check the thread. These intakes have been making my planes unflyable. I get to 15k and can't go higher or get any speed. Good to know it's not just me. B9, please fix.
  11. Seeing as how this is an off topic thread, what does everyone think about China's internet firewall?
  12. People that drive at or under the speed limit in perfect conditions.
  13. Well yeah, if you want to wake up then close them. But if you're trying to dream don't. Ideally to wake yourself up whenever you want you would hold your breath.
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