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  1. I've noticed, that for some reason KSP causes my GPU's fans to reduce their rpm after prolonged periods of play. I've referenced my GPU temps with other games "war thunder" "Battlefield 4" "Anno 2205" "Atilla", usually hovering around 60-70 degrees celsius, to KSP running around the same. Only after an hour of gameplay, my fans on my GPU return to normal operating speeds and my GPUs heat up rapidly to around 90 degrees celsius. Resulting in massive framerate drops, and KSP Crashing. So I thought it was odd, I then booted up MSI Afterburner and manually set my GPU's fans to 100%, maintaining a steady GPU temp under 75 celsius. This resulted in much smoother framerates, no crashes for me, and over all smoother gameplay "4 hours so far" no issues. I'm running a good bit of memory intensive mods as well. I know the issue isn't dust build up, or a hot case. I just migrated all my components into a new tower, and cleansed everything of dust 2 weeks ago. As well as, I have a radiator on top of the case with a liquid loop for the cpu so internal temps are always at a consistent 45degrees celsius. To the point, maybe something in the coding of KSP causes GPU's to stop their cooling phase? I noticed that by manually setting my fan speed, KSP performance improved drastically in the long term play. Would anyone like to test this out? Has anyone tested this before? I had great improvements and wanted to share.
  2. Haha Awesome response! A rebuttal is inbound in about 9 hours after I get off work
  3. 1.) I use Mechjeb for orbital Rendezvous Because repeating the same task that NASA has been doing with computers over and over again seems stupid. 2.) I use an orbital transfer calculator to get to other planets Because screw that [noise], don't have the time or Paygrade of a NASA engineer to figure out Delta-V required. 3.) Often leave tiny teeny little fuel depots in 72KM orbit above Kerbin to actually allow my Space planes a chance to be space planes.
  4. WHAT IF Squad has built this game inefficiently to outsource "us" to figure out ways to add more content to consume less memory to allow more content with more room for more content. Whilst!, continuing to do the work that sets up the programming for the game that allows us to add more content into the game holy .... we're all a part of the simulation, of simulations simulating a simulation to infinity. LOL, no really this thread is to ask anyone about the simulation theory that lies within physics. The above was just crap to confuse you and lure you here to the following 3 questions. 1.) The universe at it's earliest state is quantifiable. Like 0's and 1's in binary. -But is it?- 2.) My correlation. The universe functions off of "Boolean conditions" in computer programming. -Explain to me my the laws of physics don't function off of IF statements- 3.)The attachment. If "C" is the amount of mass and "A" is the law of gravity, then "B" is the interaction between them. "Programming" themselves to react to afford new interactions and more explicit laws. From sparse clouds of atoms all the way up the latter to black holes. 3.b)Keep in mind I used gravity as an example, really I am speaking of every law of physics and chemistry. Basically the rules that allow us to exist as we are. Those are what I'm speaking of in "3.)" B.) The Gist: A sufficiently technologically advanced society is capable of producing computing power so vast that its able to simulate the entire universe even down to the spin of an electron in each individual atom. Would A.) Allow for the possibility of the simulation to bring about the birth of a cloud that turns into a star that blows its guts apart upon supernova that would then seed a future galaxy of stars that would then build planets that would possibly yield life that could possibly bring intelligent life that might also build a computer at some point able to simulate the entire universe down to its absolute tiniest level. THUSSSSSSSSSSSSS bringing about another simulation. Over...and Over...and Over...again. Its really alot of fun to think about. To add persons with much grander scientific and mathematics understanding the I; I attach the following
  5. Tried to post this in the support section, no dice. Upon ship reload, reloads but only the capsule. Everything else disappears. It's odd, didn't run into it until .25 KSP .25 Save File http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05901412454162910564
  6. Well, as I've started a great many of projects in Blender. Never having finished a greater many. I wondered if Anyone else had models that they had made, that they would like visualized/used by someone else if they hadn't the time to do it themselves. So...MODEL DONATION. Post all your works of art that you have given up on/don't have time to finish. Maybe someone else will make/integrate them into a great mod. *EDIT* This thread is for any unfinished project now, that is Mod related when it comes to concepts/models/configs/animations and the like. Format, 3 pics. 1 Top, 1 side, 1 angle of your choice. Brief Description: "yada Yada" Closing Notes: "What you had wanted it to be, your vision, ect ect. *Download Link* To start it off: "Shuttle Comparable in size to Nasa's shuttle. Tried to adhere as closely to the Bernoulli effect as possible." Download Wyvern
  7. Secondly, Squad worked closely with NASA to produce the ARM update. Maybe whispering a few little sweet nothings in NASA's ears could get them to give us one or more of the following: Communications link via land-based dishes "strictly for putting it up in the air, as we know its really expensive to bounce data around. Calculations for mass and fuel need for full orbit/sub orbital trajectories for the final mass we may eventually decide to send. They'd hit another high note on their PR and Promotions from being a part of sending Kerbals into space for real, especially after working with Squad to get them into the game to make people aware of the possibility of capturing an Asteroid in real life. It's kind of a Win/Win for both parties.
  8. As for Communications, that's covered. As an 11B Airborne in the U.S. Army I Cross-trained with the MOS 25S, which is Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer. Which means I know exactly what kind of people to hire to do it better than me As for the Space junk clause, That's why I noted there should be a sort of beacon on it that relays its position relative to other satellites so that it is never not known exactly where it is. I love the space balloon Idea, send it up, record, let it pop and recover. Next, We have, Hydrogen Peroxide rockets with tiny DeltaV, but also based on what seams a true End-Scenario calculation. Yet, we have a really great opportunity, you see. We have the technology of how NASA and almost every other space agency, places its rockets into orbit, at that. We also have EVERY calculation we need to figure out depleting mass vs thrust ratios, contact numbers for the FAA to get clearance to launch. The entire equator to exploit for a launch. AND Even, how SRBS and Liquid fueled engines are built, have basically, blueprints all over the internet. Instead, does anyone consider it a possibility that we could put together a Team and achieve our own funding through the many website based Kickstarter clones, and maybe build AND launch our own? If it fails? Well that is just part of the fun of dealing with anything Kerbal Space Program related. Just a thought.
  9. It's not too lazy to do legwork, its want to get it done. Please don't bash this.
  10. Maybe it does, Maybe it doesn't. But as it goes now, I haven't see one. So I will start my own and pursue it until I see Bill and his Homie's Bob and Jeb in space.
  11. To begin: I want to start a kickstarter to put Kerbals in Space. For real, but on a Small cube satellite, Therein I'd like the best pilots of Kerbal-kind, JEB, BILL, and BOB attached to it. With solar-panels and radio broadcast to: A.) Broadcast distance from other space fairing objects to eliminate risk of space debris collision, Specifically to have a range of 100 miles to let the "Receiver" now when something is in range . "A sort of way to start plotting orbiting objects so we don't have to wonder where they are, at least to insure that our little satellite doesn't eventually become a risk to anything else that might go or up or down". and B.) Have the guys on the Dev Team's Names, and the most impact-ful modders names through community vote, engraved on the frame, who brought us this great game that, as I feel has inspired so many to pursue Science related career fields. Also, If we actually get this Kickstarter going, I'd like it to have a Camera viewing the Three Best and Brightest Kerbal Pilots with the earth as a Backdrop that could be streamed anywhere, Live. Now tell me that wouldn't be cool as all hell to see Bill, Bob and Jebediah cruising for real in space with earth behind them. So I give you this Poll: Can we do this?!?!? Edit; All funds from kickstarter that are left over from this project will be contributed directly to squad for development of Kerbal Space Program or Development of their needs, cost of living, cost of employment ect, ect. Finally: In no part, am I willing to make any financial gain from this, and in so, if this project gets funded, Squad will gain full control of said Kickstarter, Financial Pledges, and connections made. If only they promise to put Kerbals in Space > Anything else afterthat, I'm Kosher. Lets put Kerbals in Space! For real this time.
  12. Omg Thank you! I've been googling everywhere trying to figure out how to do that. thanks friend and will do!
  13. That's a really good first work Piwa. How'd you do the cargo bay? I'd like to make a drop down door for mine on the butt part of the ship. @Mekan1k Yea lol I think you're right on that, it should be a small shuttle for maybe moving between ships or bodies. in a local system.
  14. Yes I do, I haven't even gotten to the unity part yet, I'm not even ready to export my model yet lol.
  15. As the title states, need help/ point in the right direction/ quick little readme or something on how to animate a door or cargo bay in Blender for KSP. As well as and IVA. I'm making my first mod for ksp and this is my first time even touching Blender. See Ursa Shuttle Development thread to see what I've gotten so far.
  16. The Ursa Shuttle development thread I'm starting this thread as a learning tool for myself as well as a public info mine for learning how to mod with KSP. This is my first mod ever and first time messing with Blender. This Mod will include: 1 Small 2m scale shuttle with cargo bay, Mainly for moving Kerbals between orbits and from/to surface of planets. 1 Carrier to House and dock the shuttle(s). 8 Descent pods for returning Kerbalnauts. Ability to move and run around inside carrier to move to other ships/descent pods. Docking Bays, "Think star trek shuttlebays or even better, Battlestar Galactica." 1 Exploded planet to land on. Goal of the mod: I want to increase the scale of which we play KSP with. This mod wont be for the people who like to recreate space missions or who play for realism. All this mod back is going to be is a Sci-Fi play toy for others fun and for my learning curve to stepping into the mod world. This will also be a public generated mod. Any help will be welcome, any suggestions that are off the wall or interesting will be quoted in the thread development and added if possible. anyway, to what I've got so far! Ursa Shuttle Explody Planet Giant Space Bagel Potholes in the road so far: Being new to blender, I haven't yet figured out how to smooth certain edges while keeping other ones sharp. As well as animating a cargo hold or door. Need help on this matter. Thanks all The planet picture is a real 3d model I've created by the way in Blender through a learning tutorial, and thought it'd be awesome to implement into KSP.
  17. Can someone please post the coding for an atmosphere and textures? Like both in a bare bones planet template. I've tried copying from skeltor, barney, I've tried using barney and Skeltor as templates and only changing the texture names with my own. Still cant get this thing to work.
  18. No problem man. I had the same problem haha On another note: Is anyone having trouble exporting textures from Space engine? For me only a couple Actually export. Most of the time the moons or planets I try to export are just black and white. Or am I doing it wrong? lol
  19. I'm having a really hard time with this mod. Adding textures, Atmospheres. everything. My main problem is I cant get any textures to work, I've checked that they are 2048x1024 and png with the proper exports from SE. I do everything how the video goes, still no worky. Planet comes out super smooth or will look like a black hole and that is the only change. Any help? System Zip. I've used Sido's planet Rhea as the template. I also can not get my Gas giant to render away from the default texture. Scale option doesn't work for it. Virus Scan Virus Scan System File Rigel.rar
  20. Any other suggestions regarding the "no gui buttons" problem? I've reinstalled KSP twice now and it still only has that log button. I've checked and double checked that I'm running 0.23. Are you in your space craft? Or map? For me the buttons only show up if I'm in a ship on the launch pad.
  21. Ahh I see, I hadn't known I needed to load the Sentar expansion too. I got it to work another way, by modifying the Urania.CFG planet template from Sentar to Jool. Looks exactly the same judging from your pics, but don't have to Load Sentar.
  22. I seem to have a problem, In the Log it says: Error creating planet Urania Exeption: The given key was not present in the dictionary. I've tried a Fresh install of both Planet factory CE and your mod. Any Ideas?
  23. Built mine about 7 months ago after Deployment. Intel i7 920 @ 3.2GHz 16Gb Corsair Ram 3 GTX 470's SLI. 128Gb Sandisk solid state for my boot drive. 1Tb WesternDigital Data drive. P6x589d-e Extreme Designs Motherboard. Water Cooling with a cheap pump and radiator. Logitech G510 Gaming keyboard Corsair Vengeance M60 mouse.
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